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Free Meat Friday: Details, Past Winners, and More

No, this is not a vegetarian article or anything having to do with actual meat. Sausage is just one of many meats and therefore it barely manages to make sense. Anyway, this is the official source for all things related to giveaways. Each and every Friday, I will post a prize and give simple directions as to how you can win—most likely a simple Twitter post or something along those lines. So, what is the mystery prize this week? (more details/rules/etc will be added soon)

This week's giveaway:

Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse (Steam)

Past Winners:

Fun Fact: It was brought to my attention that @MichaelTheNinja was using multiple accounts after the fact and all that jazz. It was too late to reclaim the game and I honestly don't care because I had a busy week, this whole site is a one-man operation, and shit happens. But for shits and giggles, Mr. Ninja changed his Twitter ID upon discovery. It is now @wassupmyninjar. Do what you want. -- Now @ninjarprestige. -- @readyplayer1 + @ancephelon are some new additions to the no, no, no accounts.