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XBL Indies: コロンでジャンプ (Jump!!) Review

You'll do an awful lot of jumping in this game...

コロンでジャンプ (Jump!!) is obviously not an American-made game, but it happens to translate quite easily (I’ll refer to as simply Jump!! from now on). The gameplay consists of a lot of jumping (surprised?) and it has a retro-ish vibe, which just so happens to be the game’s strength and weakness.

Jump!! Is an old-school 2-D side-scroller that can be fun for a brief moment, but that moment is so short that it’s hard to fully recommend the game. As far as I could tell, the game consists of three levels and only three levels. These levels feel extremely similar to one another and you’ll finish the game in less than five minutes.

Jump!! can also be quite challenging as well. The screen moves, even if you don’t, and if the screen reaches your character, you’ll die. If you touch any hazardous object, you’ll die. You have absolutely no attack and you’re completely helpless. These are old-school mechanics and may seriously annoy some impatient gamers. I would definitely have a hard time recommending this game to anyone who is easily frustrated.

Jump!! May be worth the money for those who enjoy a little retro action every now and again, but its short length and unforgiving difficulty may turn off most gamers. It’s a decent game and I’d recommend playing the trial for anyone slightly interested in the game, but everyone else should just continue their lives as if they never heard of コロンでジャンプ  (Say what?).


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