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Podcast - DF #61: Punching Out Prototype

This week's episode of Distributed Failure is a return to the boring sausage fest that is Kush and Rob. There are no special guests. This is not a special show (unless you consider us "special). This is just a regular ol' episode with a man from Kentucky and a fella from Chi-CAAA-GO!

This week's episode starts of with the predictable "What We've Been Playing" and it was quite the interesting bag o' games. We talked about Prototype (and Rob goes crazy over Metacritic), Punch-Out!!, Red Faction: Guerrilla, Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword, Ninjatown, Hakuna Matata (Afrika), Gunstar Heroes, and much more! Question for all our listeners out there: What are your thoughts on the way Metacritic converts scores from 1UP? Anyway, we follow up what we've been playing with some gaming news...

There wasn't too much exciting news going on this week, most likely due to everyone recovering from E3, but we managed to find some random crap out there. We discuss the announcement of Battlefield 3, the Left 4 Dead 2 boycott shenanigans, and the sad fact that Criterion Games (Burnout Devs) is working on a Need for Speed game (insert sad face here). We wrap up the show with a small sausage dump and then call it a night (technically an afternoon). I hope you enjoyed the show and don't forget to rate/review us on iTunes!

The Podcast - DF #61: Punching Out Prototype

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