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Podcast - DF #60: E3 and a Vagina

This week’s episode of Distributed Failure is an extra long E3 extravaganza featuring special guest Atheistium, who is a member of Destructoid’s UK podcast: The Podcastle. She was kind enough to lend her voice (and vagina) for a little E3 after thoughts special and we are extremely happy to accommodate both. You can follow her on Twitter, check out her writings at, or give her blog a visit at!

We start off this show like any other with “What We’ve Been Playing”. We talk about Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Red Faction: Guerrilla, Resistance: Fall of Man, Overlord II, the Uncharted 2 multi-player beta, and much more. We continuously stray off-topic, but eventually managed to get through “What We’ve Been Playing” and get down to business, the business that is “E-Trio”.

We began our E3 discussion with a breakdown of each of the Big 3’s press conferences and eventually choose a “winner”. We then talked about the surprising absences of E3, such as the absence of Rare and the lack of a PS3 Slim announcement. We follow that up with our best and worst moments/news from E3 and end it all with our game of the show.

We had a lot of fun recording this episode and we hope you enjoy listening to it. Once again I just want to thank Atheistium for joining us on this very fine day and wanted to let her know that she is always welcome to stop on over as a guest anytime. Just remember: You bring the dumpage and I’ll bring the sausage! Don't forget to rate/review us on iTunes!

The Podcast - DF #60: E3 and a Vagina


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