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Podcast - DF #65: Battlefield 1943 Breaks the Internet

Another week and another episode of Distributed Failure is here for your listening displeasure. This week's "What We've Been Playing" features discussion on Top Spin 3, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, Fight Night Round 4, Battlefield 1943, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and more! We follow that up with some gaming news including the latest update on EGM, the addition of prizes to 1 vs. 100, and the announcement of a new Mechwarrior game.

We end the show with a Sausage Dump of massive dumpage, basically to fill in as much time as possible. We talk about a bunch of TV shows, such as The Wire, True Blood, Burn Notice, and plenty of other crap. We also talk about how we're gay and we're proud...yea, but not really. We hope you enjoy the show and don't forget to rate/review us on iTunes.

The Podcast - DF #65: Battlefield 1943 Breaks the Internet


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