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Guesting on a Fellow Podcast

If Distributed Failure isn't enough Kush for your weekly fix, you may want to listen to this week's episode of Bomb Should Have a Face. I did my best to mention "vaginas" and "69" as much as possible...I hope I made you proud! There is video game discussion going on as well, but I couldn't help but think about vaginas for the entire episode. Be warned: This episode is not for virgin ears...probably not for virgin vaginas either.

I'm sorry.

If you want more, just click for more sausage.



What the Fuck is a Raccoon?

"...and why do you have them!?"

Are you already confused? Do you want more randomness that somehow rocks the awesomeness of Aussie-ness with other-ness? If so, you'll have the check out the pilot episode of a currently unnamed podcast (suggestions would be appreciated) that stars some little people I know from a site called Giantbomb. Fun Fact #1: This podcast is explicit and not for virgin ears, or vaginally-inclined ears.

With all that being said, I personally found it to be an enjoyable listen even though it wasn't exactly about anything...besides trying to figure out what it was about (remember what I was saying about the confusion). You can find all the info (as well as the actual podcast) at sir Aussie's blog: "A Public Service Announcement".

...a lovely video for your viewing pleasure awaits you in the full post!

There is just something undeniably awesome about Aussie hip hop.



Photography: It's What I Do

Below are a few examples of photography work that I do for recreation and the occasional commission. It should become obvious that I love to work in black and white, while adding bits of color to emphasize certain aspects of a photo. Prints/postcards/etc are available if desired...just send an email my way if you'd be interested.


Killzone 2: On Drugs Addition

If you feel like watching a video that makes you feel like you just dropped acid then look no further. Someone put together a little video called "KILLZOWNED!!!!!!" and it's quite interesting to watch at five in the morning. This video is so ridiculous that I almost want to go buy the game does that make any sense? Obviously the video comes with more sausage.

You have just been Killzowned! Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Instead, pay me $69 and $9.69 for sales tax. Thank you, please come again.



Some Art from a Boy Named Marc

These are very early sketches from a graphic novel that I have been working on for a while now. Most of the writing is finished and I am currently in the process of illustrating a prototype version. This is essentially the style of my novel and I hope you like what you see.

Keep in mind that these are all done by hand (including the color) and there have been no touch ups. I am a huge fan of traditional illustration and plan to do this entire book in that way. It's the main reason this novel won't be coming out anytime soon, not to mention the fact that I'm the only person working on this project. Fun Fact #1: The title of this novel will likely be "Blu".

You can check out all of the art by clicking for more sausage!