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Marvel vs. Capcom 3? = Please Do It

Apparently we may be seeing a new Marvel vs. Capcom game and we may not have to wait as long as we might think. At comic-con Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios President of Production, was asked whether we might ever see another MvC game and he said, "Yes. And maybe sooner than you think."

It seems like a no-brainer to make a new MvC, but there are plenty of stupid people out there...All I can say is that I hope this news ends up turning out true and I hope the game comes out soon (like tomorrow soon). Linkage to official post down below.

New Marvel vs Capcom?



Resident Evil: Degeneration

I've been looking forward to seeing this movie for a while, or at least getting some news on it. A new trailer has shown up to at Comic-con, but still no release date from what I could tell. The trailer looks decent and has it's moments, but the quality isn't the best and the picture is a bit faded...but what do you expect when it's not a direct capture. is the trailer! So sit back and enjoy a little Leon S. Kennedy! It seemed to be the crowd's favorite moment.



Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Delicious Sausage

I was a huge fan of the original and played the hell out of it. It had a great cast of characters and you can't beat online co-op, but it wasn't all rainbows and lollipops. One of my biggest issues with the game was that the characters didn't seem as unique and different as they should be. Playing as Spider-Man instead of The Hulk should make a huge difference, but that wasn't the case. This trailer has me excited because it seems that each character will control like you would expect. The Hulk will smash and destroy things while Spider-Man will be more agile. The trailer also showed some of the new co-op moves and they look to be pretty cool and the kind of co-op maneuvers you would expect to see.

I loved the original and here's to hoping the sequel kicks ass...


The person who recently left comments under the names "wouldn't you like to kno." and "you still dont know?"...I really don't know who you are...a little help?



Betas Cost You Money on the PS3

First the Socom: Confrontation beta and now Resistance 2. I have heard that the first beta keys will go to those who pre-order the game and the rest go to Qore a week or two later. If that's true it makes this "deal" even more shitty and pathetic. Pay for Qore and you get the privilege to join in on a beta after it's already been running for a few weeks. Hooray. Paying for betas on any console pisses me off because the point of a beta is to help the developers test the game out and find any bugs or glitches while you're doing it. Why should we have to pay to help out a company make their game better? Makes no sense, but c'est la vie. Betas are not supposed to be glorified early exclusive demos, but that seems to be the way things are headed now...

This Qore Resistance 2 beta situation is horrible, but will it stop? Absolutely not...and that's because people are going to buy the hell out of the third episode just to get into the beta. Sony will see this and say to themselves, "We know they really want this, but let's make them pay for it! We are geniuses!" Sony doesn't really have to worry too much because people still seem to have Sony up on this god-like pedestal and see no wrong from the company.



Vimeo Hates Video Games

And they hate you too! Vimeo has just recently updated their upload rules and now they won't allow any videos showing video games, unless they are Machinima. Apparently all other game videos lack creativity and take absolutely no work to be made, not to mention that these videos are sometimes big in size and they don't like that. They do give each member a weekly upload limit so you should be allowed to upload whatever you want with the space you got. Apparently they are just too good for mere video games and all current videos that break this rule will be deleted starting on September 1st of this year (and new videos will be deleted right away). Here is their explanation broken down in a simpler, juvenile way...

1) Your videos are boring and not creative.

2) Your videos are too big and we hate you.

...I find it a bit funny that they complain about the size of game videos, but I've seen numerous HD movies that are close to 500MB (the weekly limit) and last under 30 seconds. Maybe they should try helping people with video compression instead of just deciding to completely ban a certain genre of video. If you didn't steal the video from another site, then you created it. They shouldn't ban something because they think it lacks creativity. I've seen 10 second HD videos of flowers, too many. I don't really consider that to be creative or original.

Thankfully I decided to leave Vimeo a few months ago and I've never looked back. Apparently they never really wanted me in the first place if this blog (and especially some of the member comments) mean anything. Good luck in the flower filming business.

Vimeo Hates YOU!