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Pixelated Sausage ...Dot Com!?

Well it's official...I now am proud owner of! As of right now I only have the domain name mirroring back to this blog, but in due time I plan to launch an official Pixelated Sausage site. So in the meantime try out the official domain!


Bully: Scholarship Edition (360) First Impressions

From what I have played of Bully: Scholarship Edition for the 360, I must say that the game is still as fun and enjoyable as it was when it originally released for the PS2. I don’t have much experience with new content yet, but what I have played has been enjoyable. So out of all the new content I’ve only actually played two of the new classes and tried out the multiplayer component. The multiplayer is offline only and is simply puts you against one friend while you compete in the different class mini games. Some of them work better than others, but the lack of online play will likely mean that not many people will even try it. The new classes I got to mess around with were Biology and Music. From what I’ve played the music class is pretty simple and not really anything special, but the Biology class (which involved dissecting different species – not the human kind) is actually pretty fun and can be a bit challenging.

The other aspect I’ll talk about is how the game looks on the 360. The game does look better, specifically the lighting, but there are a few issues here and there. Some textures may not be up to par with the rest of game and there are some frame-rate issues, but nothing too drastic that I’ve experienced personally. Also I know that many people have reported the game crashing and freezing, but I have not experienced any freezing at all (though I am only about 3 hours into the game). One last note on the graphics; with better graphics comes an uglier Jimmy.

For those who have already played Bully on the PS2, I don’t really feel there is enough to warrant another purchase (unless you are an achievement whore). Though anyone who never got a chance to play Bully when it originally came out; I highly recommend you pick Bully: SE up. It has a wonderful story with great writing and fantastic voice work. The game holds up 100% and even though I’ve already played through it multiple times before, I am still having blast hanging out at Bullworth Academy.

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Bully: SE is definitely worth the enrollment!
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Jumper: Griffon's Story (360) Review

Behold...the greatest game you'll ever play! /sarcasm

Where do I begin? I guess I can start off by firmly saying that Jumper: Griffin's Story is the worst X360 game I have ever played. I’ll get some quick points out of the way first. There’s not much to the audio in this game. There’s simple music, lackluster sound effects and while Jamie Bell does lend his voice for the game, he wasn’t given much to do. What I’m basically saying is that the audio is the best part of the game. Can you see where this review is heading already? The controls are junk and camera is terrible. I will say that the only real decent part of this game is the fighting system. Each face button corresponds to a different direction, but they never really make any use of it besides the basic attacks.

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Review System

Well I personally don't care for scoring in general. I believe the answer to whether you would like a game or not is found solely in the text, but I think my system is pretty good. We all love sausages so I figured this is Pixelated why not a Sausage Scale of 1-5 Sausages (or Snosages). EDIT: These scales now refer to everything. Movie reviews, book reviews, music reviews. All you have to do is change "game" to "book/movie/music/etc".

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