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Jumper: Griffon's Story (360) Review

Behold...the greatest game you'll ever play! /sarcasm

Where do I begin? I guess I can start off by firmly saying that Jumper: Griffin's Story is the worst X360 game I have ever played. I’ll get some quick points out of the way first. There’s not much to the audio in this game. There’s simple music, lackluster sound effects and while Jamie Bell does lend his voice for the game, he wasn’t given much to do. What I’m basically saying is that the audio is the best part of the game. Can you see where this review is heading already? The controls are junk and camera is terrible. I will say that the only real decent part of this game is the fighting system. Each face button corresponds to a different direction, but they never really make any use of it besides the basic attacks.

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Review System

Well I personally don't care for scoring in general. I believe the answer to whether you would like a game or not is found solely in the text, but I think my system is pretty good. We all love sausages so I figured this is Pixelated why not a Sausage Scale of 1-5 Sausages (or Snosages). EDIT: These scales now refer to everything. Movie reviews, book reviews, music reviews. All you have to do is change "game" to "book/movie/music/etc".

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