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A Warner Bros. and The Behemoth sale on Xbox LIVE

In addition to a pretty good 'Deal of the Week'--which includes Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and Call of Juarez Gunslinger--there are also a few good publisher/developer sales going on this week. First, The Behemoth is having a sale on all three of their Xbox LIVE Arcade games--including their new game, BattleBlock Theater; second, Warner Bros. is having a sale on a good chunk of their Batman/DC-related games--including Injustice: Gods Among Us and both Rocksteady-developed Batman games. (I really wish that old Rocksteady/TMNT rumor was true.) And the best part of this entire sale is that it is open to all members, not just Gold members, so anyone can go around saying, "I'm Batman," in a gravely voice.

Some highlights from this sale include every single The Behemoth game and every Batman game; in other words, what I'm saying is, everything on sale other than Injustice is worth picking up; I'm not saying Injustice is bad, but that sale price--$41.99--when compared to every other game's sale price, is just not as mindless of a purchase--think about it this way: you can buy both Batman games and both Lego Batman games for two dollars less than Injustice all by its lonesome. Anyway, check out the full list of games and DLC below.

BattleBlock Theater [XBLA] - ($14.99 ---> $10.04)

Castle Crashers [XBLA] - ($14.99 ---> $7.49)

Alien Hominid HD [XBLA] - ($9.99 ---> $4.99)

Gotham City Impostors [XBLA] - ($9.99 ---> $4.99)

Injustice: Gods Among Us [Games on Demand] - ($59.99 ---> $41.99)

Batman: Arkham City [Games on Demand] - ($19.99 ---> $9.99)

Batman: Arkham Asylum [Games on Demand] - ($19.99 ---> $9.99)

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes [Games on Demand] - ($19.99 ---> $9.99)

Lego Batman [Games on Demand] - ($19.99 ---> $9.99)

And remember, this sale is open to all members, so you don't need to be a Gold member to take advantage of these great deals. (And we all have to pay tax now too; still hate points?)

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