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Entries by Marc Kusnierz (2705)


Uwe Boll = Not Too Bad!?

I think this interview is actually pretty nice and it shows some different aspects of Uwe Boll and I think it's definitely worth watching.



Video Games and Sex

I found this video on Kotaku and thought it was really well done and would be a great view to those who may have missed it. It's a short lecture by Daniel Floyd done in the vain on the Zero Punctuation vids.


GTAIV = Bikes in Trees

Well these are just some shots from a small chunk of the madness that was GTAIV MP tonight...a nice little story about a man, his bike...and a tree that tries to pull them apart. Don't worry though, Kush is always there to save the day!


(Rob and his bike are being pulled apart by the evil, greedy tree.)


(I come up with a plan to set them free.)


(Plan = Complete Success)





MGS4 90 Minute Cut-scenes!?

It has been reported that some of the cut-scenes in Metal Gear Solid 4 will be up to 90 minutes long! If this is true (which it likely is), then my interest in this game has just plummeted immensely. Now I can see why the game can't fit on a Blu-ray disc; it's because Kojima can't deliver a story in any other way than 90 minute cut-scenes that take up shit loads of space. It's also been reported that you can skip the cut-scenes, but why would you? the MGS series has always been about the story and I am interested in what is happening in this "world", but I would actually like to, you know, be in control.

I have to say that I do respect Kojima. I think he is visually a great designer, but this just shows even more that he should really be working in film rather than games. I want to play the game, not watch it. I already know that I will get this game because I want to see where the story is going, but I can't say that I'm as excited as I once was anymore.

MGS4 has '90 Minute' cut-scenes


Episode 13: Gus Wants Your Grapes

Episode 13 is now up and ready for your listening pleasure! On this show we have a special guest, knuxsonic, creator and webmaster of! We talk about Platinum Games, Metal Gear Solid 4 bundles, Xbox Live Size Limit being increased, LittleBigPlanet, Gears of War 2's story line, and more. I, Kush, use the words "shit" and "retard" more than usual and Gus is high as a kite. Gus is a on a mission...a mission of GRAPE proportions!! Following the show is "Super Mario Bros. 2" by the Minibosses! And if you're going to PAX 2008 be sure to check them out!

Episode 13: Gus Wants Your Grapes

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