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Baby Steps +

Episode 2 - N+Sausage: Baby Steps is now live!

...and here is a peek at the DFTV N+ level!



Pixelated Sausage News

Just thought I would update people on what is happening with the Sausage and what you will be seeing soon in the future. Some of the new features you will be seeing have already shown up like video previews (and videos in general). Soon you will see video reviews as well as some video features and series...and of course there is definitely more to come from the series N+Sausage.

Another newly added component is the Donation button. I'm not asking for much or anything at all even, but if you want to support the Sausage with 25 cents then just "do it". I've been doing a lot of work on the site and all help is appreciated.

The N+Sausage video has now become a full on series and will be posted weekly on Wednesday nights by 8PM CST (hopefully). So stay tuned for Episode 2 tomorrow night...N+Sausage: Baby Steps.

...and here are the vimeo pages for the Video Game Endings and N+Sausage series! As well as now for the Pixelated Sausage video previews/reviews.



Gus: He Likes to Poo

There's a reason his name is Gus's because Yoo rhymes with Poo! For some reason I don't like the way this came out, but maybe it's just me...



Crash Time (X360) Preview

I don't know how to describe this game besides just saying it's bad. The controls are very loose and it looks like a last-gen game. I guess that means it would feel at home on a Wii. My biggest complaint is that the game seems to be against you crashing even though it's called Crash Time. I have no way of knowing what game modes will be in the final version, but the mode I played would actually end if too much damage was taken. Either this mode is barely used in the full game, or either someone was massively high when they thought up the title.

The game is bad. Bad in every single aspect and if you don't believe me just watch the video below. My sausage has been in 3 videos already! Boy do I feel like a real Porn Star now...


N+Sausage: The Beginning

Well this is my first real Machinima video and I have to say that I am pretty proud of how it came out. I may even decide to turn this into a little mini-series!

My first crack at Machinima using the N+ XBLA game. I want to thank Metanet Software and Slick Entertainment for making the game. Also need to thank Brukaoru for lending her voice for the female ninja!

Official N/N+ Site

Well now I leave you with N+Sausage: The Beginning