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Entries by Marc Kusnierz (2706)


Some Updates

Well there are a few things I plan on getting done in the near future...a few reviews among other things. I might not get around to everything because I have had two great days in gaming these past few days. Yesterday I finally got my Minibosses cds and today I found a copy of Persona 3! (I'll go into more detail on both of these in a post tomorrow) I have to say that Persona 3 from the few hours I've put into it so far that it's amazing! I am really loving so much about it and I think it will be a great game to hold me off until GTAIV gets here.

Anyways here is a list of what I hope to get done soon...

- MLB 2K8 (360) Review
- Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (360) Review
- Bru Krew Designs :P

...I don't know if I'll get all of that done, but I will try. Persona 3 is calling me and I'm so glad I have the game. Boy is it amazing!! You don't know what you're missing Gus!



Distributed Failure: SausageCast #6

The newest episode is up for your listening pleasure. We talk about numerous gaming subjects, none more important than the word "bundle" and specifically our very talented Brukaoru saying "bundle" plenty of times! Sit back, relax and enjoy the Success that is...

Distributed Failure
Episode 6


Zombie Genocider: Is the sausage worth it?

Zombie Genocider: Defeat at least 53,594 zombies
Is it one of the most annoying achievements ever? Yes.
Is it worth it? Yes.

Anyone who has this achievement will likely be considered a whore, a real juicy, nasty whore. I recently went through the agony of running over zombies over and over and over. I hated it, but it was all worth it to me. The reason behind this is because you actually get something in-game for doing this. Have you ever wanted to beat down some zombies as Mega Man!? Well you can't do it in this game, but you can blow some heads off! Is that good enough for you? No...then you can go eat a sausage!

I just want to tell anyone who attempts this amazingly horrible feat that you will hate this game immediately after it's done. You will want to take the game and set it on fire!.... Right after that you will want to take a massive corn-filled dump all over it...and then once all that has had time to settle in; you will finally be able to clean it up and start playing once again, but now you will have the aid of the real Mega Buster. Now take that weapons of mass destruction and bust some zombie sausage!


I HATE YOU Dead Rising! Why did you freeze on me during Infinity mode? are a dirty bastard and I truly hate you. You do know I can't save in this mode and thus would have to start from the beginning if I want to make a second attempt. What's think it's funny...STOP LAUGHING! I hate you Dead Rising and I hope you burn in hell!!!

Mar292008 Changing Things Up

Well for those of you who don't hate Gamestop/EB you'll be happy to learn that their website is undergoing to much needed changes. Some of the major changes are things like: The ability to get your EDGE card discount when purchasing used products online, The ability to pre-order online and pick up in-store, and a community aspect (such as forums and reviews...).

The list of new features is rather long so I'll just link it for those who want to read up on all that's in store for the updated site. I must say that I do not love GS or hate GS, but these additions are great and something that they have needed for a long time. New Features


The site went live on March 30th so everything should be functioning as well. The link has been fixed (It didn't work after the site went like because they moved the page). I have a few issues with some new features that I will talk about at a later date...


EA/Take-Two Possible Takeover

I was recently thinking about the whole EA/Take-Two takeover and it really got me thinking. I know a lot of people (me included) don't want to see this happen and there are many different reasons for this reaction. If this takeover were to happen then there wouldn't be any competition in the sport's market (at least between third-party developers). Then there's the group who thinks that Rockstar will be completely tainted by this possible transaction. I personally never believed that EA would do anything to ruin what we we've come to love about Rockstar, but I recently just thought of something that I think EA would heavily pursue if the transaction unfolds in their favor.

In-game advertisements
; I think that is the simple change that they would want to add to a game like Grand Theft Auto. Just imagine how much money they could make selling ad space for one of the biggest (if not the biggest) game franchises out there. I think that would be a horrible outcome if it were to happen. For one we would be losing out on all the great humor that Rockstar North puts into their false ads. Second, the press may try to turn this into something bad like always. I say that because some people may say that real-life ads give the game a more "real-life" feel. I can’t say that I would be able to deny that fact either; seeing a McDonalds on the street, or ads for major retailers would give the game a more “real” feeling. Those two reasons are enough for me to hope that this will never happen, but the way EA works; I can't say that it's really that far-fetched.


EA has extended their offer until April 18th, which is the day after Take-Two's annual meeting to discuss all their business. So right now the whole deal is at a stand-still at the moment...