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C2E2 '13: some shit that has happened so far

You may or may not know, but C2E2--the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo--is currently going on this weekend and I've been spending my days at the show--which is why there is no Free Meat Friday this week, but there will be a giveaway on the upcoming Pixelated Radio (which will be a day late because of all this)--enjoying the focus on actual comics and the always loveliness that is 'Artist Alley.' Anyway, I thought I'd throw up a quick list of shit that has happened so far, and by throw up, I mean vomit. Please, kind sirs and madams, check out my vomit.

  • A kid on the bus sang "Gangnam Style" the entire time. Loudly.
  • A little girl on the "L" was pole dancing.
  • I saw the biggest, saddest Joker walking about with a giant read bucket...
  • ...and a Wonder Woman desperately in need of a Wonderbra.
  • I ran into an old friend from years ago who I've wondered about for a while.
  • I bought numerous bits of art...that are all TMNT related of course.

  • I locked eyes with Tony Guerrero of Comic Vine and said nothing because I was on the verge of passing out from overheating--it's pretty damn hot inside the McCormick Place.
  • I wore red pants. Don't know why this is of note...
  • Found out I apparently look like someone else who is also named Marc (probably Mark).
  • And, at the same time, was recognized by some as the Marc I really am.
  • I met Mike Groves, an awesome artist whose work can be found at
  • And then he inspired me to quickly sketch up this little fella...


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