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Can Knockdown 3 review: still fun knocking down cans

Can Knockdown 3 is a game where you...knock down cans. It may sound simple and straightforward--because it is in many ways--but Can Knockdown 3 adds quite a few variations throughout the course of the game, keeping it fresh and interesting.

I have played all three games in the series--it is a bit weird realizing there is a series about knocking down cans--and the biggest change in Can Knockdown 3 is the change in format from a focus on arcadey, get as far as you can, leaderboard-chasing simplicity, to a level-based, puzzle-esque format. The 'Endless ' mode that was the focus of the previous games is still hidden within, but only becomes available for a specific area when said area is 100% completed. It is a design choice that makes little sense as I see no reason to initially lock the mode that was the main focus of the previous games. That said, the levels aren't particularly difficult, so unlocking 'Endless' mode for each area shouldn't take too long.

Speaking of levels, I found the addition (and focus) on levels in Can Knockdown 3 much appreciated as they made me want to keep playing for extended periods of time as opposed to just dropping in for a minute and getting out fast. Some levels can be a bit challenging, but I never became frustrated as I was always at fault if I didn't get three stars (a perfect score). There are five areas available right now--though the fifth area contains only one level--and each area adds something new--like moving obstacles, hazardous cans, timing-based situations--which helps keep the game from getting too repetitive. The fact I never got bored going through 81 different levels in a game where all I did was essential fling balls at cans is commendable. The fifth area in particular has a very interesting setup, but seeing as there's only one level in the fifth area as of right now, it's hard to say if it will stay as interesting throughout.

I enjoyed my time with Can Knockdown 3, as I did with the previous Can Knockdown games. Does this Can Knockdown 3 blow away the previous games? No, but it adds to the formula and, for the first time, makes the act of flinging balls at cans feel more like an actual game than just a quick, pick-up-play experience here and there. What else can I say? The game looks good, is only a buck (right now) and more levels are in the works, so if the idea of flinging balls at cans sounds like a winner to you, you won't be disappointed with Can Knockdown 3.

*Can Knockdown 3 was reviewed on an iPad and is available now in the iTunes App Store for $0.99, which is a launch sale, 50% off what will be the regular price of $1.99, so act fast. (Can Knockdown 3 is also available in the Google Play store for those who use Android.)

Can Knockdown 3 (iOS Universal | $0.99)


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