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Coloring the ol' Donatello sketch

Clickity-click me for the full sketch of sketchiness.

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Yet another quick TMNT (Donatello) sketch

Clickity-click me for the full sketch of sketchiness.

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Free Meat Friday: Xbox 360 Triple Pack + extras

No, this is not a vegetarian article or anything having to do with actual meat. Sausage is just one of many meats and therefore it barely manages to make sense. Anyway, this is the official source for all things related to giveaways. Each and every Friday, I will post a prize and give simple directions as to how you can win—most likely a simple Twitter post,  a comment here or there, something Facebook related, or something along those lines. So, what is the mystery prize this week?

The prize this week is a copy of the Xbox 360 Triple Pack—which includes LIMBO, Trials HD, and 'Splosion Man. Along with this prize, the winner will get Plants vs. ZMNT postcard, some Pixelated Sausage/Radio stickers, and the obviously most-desired prize: an unopened pack of TMNT trading cards! Entrees have until Sunday at 12PM CST (9/4/11) to enter and the winner will be contacted the same day. All you have to do to enter is click THIS and then click "Retweet." -- Make sure you follow me, @Kush3, so I can DM you with details if a winner is you. Otherwise, a winner is who?

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Postcards of sketchy sketches are up for grabs

I mentioned in various venues that I was having postcards made of both my little TMNT vs. Zombies sketch and of an older character I designed, 'Captain Cannoli.' Well, I received said postcards yesterday—twenty-five of each—and will happily mail them out to whoever would like one; I may even sketch a little sketchy sketch on the back to personalize it for each and every recipient. There's no contest or special rules to follow in order to get one, simply email your address to with the postcard you'd like to receive and I'll mail it as soon as possible. Freebies all gone.


Sketch: Plants vs. Zombified Donatello v2.0

Full sketch with clickage of linkage or clickage of picture... age.

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