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Random Sketches: An oldie, but a goodie


Sketching with LiveSketch HD

I have been messing around with a sketching app recently—as in I just started using the app minutes ago—and I find it very... weird. The app is called LiveSketch HD [$1.99] and it is like nothing I've experienced. I don't know how the app works, but it seems to almost draw for itself on many occasions. This means the app is very user-friendly and could possibly make an artist out of anyone. A.k.a., if I had a kid, he/she could totally draw this. That being said, I am not an amateur and thus, not "anyone," so I could be completely wrong in my user-friendly assumptions. It's up to you to decide and the $1.99 price tag is not too much to gamble. Wow, there were a lot of "to *insert word*" in that last sentence. -- Clicky-clicky to see the full image of iPad sketching weirdness.

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The iPad 2: sketching with Inspire Pro

Clickity-click for the full image and some initial thoughts on Inspire Pro.

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A sum of Pixelated Radio episode numero dos

This pretty much sums up the newest episode of Pixelated Radio, which will go live this upcoming Monday (3/7/11). You should probably subscribe to/review us on iTunes. We'll love you long time.


Distributed Failure Banner Part Tre

Clicky, clicky for a bigger picky...

Behold the finished banner for Distributed Failure. I'm not quite happy with how it turned out in the end, but I'm never usually satisfied with anything that I create. I hope you guys enjoy it and I would appreciate major pimpage from any fans of Distributed Failure and Pixelated Sausage (dot com).

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