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Random XBLA sale for reasons unknown

I turned on my Xbox 360 this morning and randomly decided to check the XBL marketplace. I went straight to the Arcade section and was met with a surprising surprise—the best kind. A handful of old(ish) XBLA games were listed in the 'Newest' section and I couldn't figure out why—I am still unsure. Upon further investigation, a.k.a., clicking on said games, I also noticed they all seem to be on sale for no reason and potentially indefinitely. I am still looking into why these games are in the 'new' section and why they are on sale, but until details are found, I would buy sooner than later if any title interests you. You may be saying, "but you haven't even mentioned one of the games yet!" Well, that's what all the below links are for.

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Freebie Alert: Hard Lines is free for the day

I adore this little iOS game called Hard Lines—which you undoubtedly know if you have been following me for more than just five minutes—and I have some great news. Because of a certain birthday—send many well wishes his way: @SpiltMilkStudioHard Lines is free for today and today only! This is my favorite iOS game and now you have absolutely no reason to say, "maybe I'll give it a shot later."

Today has become the day for shots—I enjoy whiskey myself—and it would be much appreciated if you spread the word like urine on a public pool's floor. Please don't associate the image of urine when thinking of the game, I simply have an odd sense of humor and Hard Lines is way better than urine! And today you're in (get it?) luck thanks to one man's generosity on the day people are supposed to be generous towards him. Now I will shut up and provide you a link to this fantastic deal. Enjoy.

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An Impassable Deal: A Free Fine Leather Jacket [Dead]

I could definitely go for a fine leather jacket right about now.

Amazon's "Deal of the Day" for today (Saturday, September 19th) is one hell of a deal. You can pick up the first chapter of Tales of Monkey Island for free! I have yet to play the game myself (mostly due to the fact it was only being sold through season passes), but I'm excited to try the game and there's no reason for anyone to pass on this deal. Don't think, just do it!

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