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Moriarty on Sale at Comixology for $0.99 an Issue

My favorite new comic of 2011, Moriarty, is currently on sale at Comixology for only $0.99 an issue! If you've made the jump to digital and haven't checked out Moriarty, you can fix that right now without spending too much money; after you do, you'll feel real stupid for waiting so long. The series is wonderfully written by Daniel Corey (@DangerKatt) and the art is absolutely beautiful and some of my favorite in comics right now, all thanks to Anthony Diecidue (@antne). If you say you like comics at all and don't pick up at least the first issue, you're a damn dirty liar! You may be an ape too; I can never tell.

The sale ends on May 20, at 11pm CST [in North America; "local evening times" in other regions], so act fast before May 20 becomes the past. Trust me, you'll have a blast! The rhyming ends at last.

Moriarty Comixology Sale


Pixelated Radio 31: World of Minecrafting Avengers

The newest episode of Pixelated Radio is finally here after a fight with AT&T U-Verse. This episode is a tad shorter than usual, with limited topics and far too much crafting. We talk about Minecraft on the Xbox 360 and tell tales of spiders and big men who run away like little girls. We also go over a few bits of news and talk about this little movie called The Avengers—you probably haven't heard of it, I think it's an "indie" film.

With a lack of prominent new releases and no extra week, we covered far less on this episode than the previous episode, but, as the cool kids say, "It's all good." The show was quite fun and featured some very bad jokes about something that is no joke. We talked about a few games and covered some news—like Internet Explorer possibly coming to the Xbox 360 and the delay of BioShock Infinite—and then the show ends with a special something just for mister "Hotcakesman" himself. The games and whatnot we discuss, you ask? Check 'em with a little clickage.

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Pixelated Radio 30: The Dead Trials of Fez's Wrath

The newest episode of Pixelated Radio is finally here and perfect to listen through the headphones you wear. It's number thirty and things get a little dirty. We talk about Fez and never mention Simon Sez. I'm rhyming for no reason, but tis the season; I'm really, really white, but you don't give a shite. We talk about games and so much more; and we don't charge a thing like a typical whore. I'll get to the details and stop this crap now; I don't know what's come over me, but wow...just wow.

In this episode we don't rhyme at all, so feel free to thank me right now. We covered a lot due to missing a scheduled show, but the show flows rather well and is quite good me thinks. We've been playing games of many shapes and sizes and saw a surprisingly large number of movies. We cover some old news—like the Rayman Legends leak and the future of digital releases for Wii U and 3DS—and end on a typical weird note.  The games and whatnot we discuss, you ask? Check 'em with a little clickage if you're seeing this.

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Marvel-themed Pinball Tables on Sale on Mobile Platforms

I don't know if you know this, but a little movie about guys (and one lady) in costumes is coming out this Friday and I hear it's a big deal. The movie is called The Avengers or something like that and, in celebration of the movie's release, Zen Studios has decided to discount all their Marvel-themed tables for their mobile versions of Zen Pinball*—iOS and Android—from $1.99 to $0.99. Both platforms have the Wolverine and Thor tables, while iOS has the Captain America table and Android has the Fantastic Four table. I don't know the reasoning for this seemingly random exclusivity, but either way, you can get some great tables for a dollar each if you haven't already purchased them. And having played every table released for iOS, I can say with complete honesty that they all have responsive controls and look great.

Zen Pinball [iOS]

Zen Pinball THD [Android]

*Zen Pinball is free to download on both iOS and Android and comes with the 'Sorcerer's Lair' table for free. All other tables can be purchased via IAP.

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