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Resident Evil: Degeneration

I've been looking forward to seeing this movie for a while, or at least getting some news on it. A new trailer has shown up to at Comic-con, but still no release date from what I could tell. The trailer looks decent and has it's moments, but the quality isn't the best and the picture is a bit faded...but what do you expect when it's not a direct capture. is the trailer! So sit back and enjoy a little Leon S. Kennedy! It seemed to be the crowd's favorite moment.



Max Payne Movie Trailer

The Max Payne series has always been a favorite of mine and not just because I support Rockstar. The games had a great noir style to them and were a blast to play. When I first heard that they were going to make a movie based on the series I was pretty excited. Max Payne is basically a game that took most of it's inspiration(if not all) from a variety of films. It's a game/series that was essentially based on a specific sub-genre of film and instead of making another film they made a video game. I started to get even more excited when I heard Mark Wahlberg was cast as Max Payne. He is probably the perfect actor for the role and I remember picturing him as Max Payne when the first game came out.

The first trailer has finally surfaced and I found it to be well done overall. The vibe of the series seems to be intact, though the "angel"(?) did seem a bit out of place. Religion has always been a part of the series, but I can't remember anything to that extreme in the games. There were a few hallucinations featured in the games, but none ever dealing with angels etc; at least not from what I can recall. That part of the trailer did seem out of place, but at the same time I thought it looked interesting. only see her for a glimpse, but the actress playing Mona Sax seems to be dead on as well. I was pretty sure from that brief shot that it was Mila Kunis(from That 70's Show fame) and that's been confirmed from the film's IMDB page.

Anyways, here is the trailer for you viewing pleasure and be sure to remember one thing. 1 + 1 = 2 and therefore you love sausage too!



The Inaugural Sausage Dump

I have decided to start a weekly little post of dumpage. It will basically just be a post of my thoughts on subjects not related to games. It may have to do with film, music or anything at all, even pancakes! You know what goes well with pancakes?...sausage! That's right folks, sausage goes well with pancakes, not to mention everything else. Back to business as they say somewhere where the business needs to get back to...yea...

You can expect this post every week and it will always be called "The Sausage Dump". Every Sunday I will take a new and tasty dump in your mouths and through your eyes and I can guarantee you will love every second of it!

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Uwe Boll = Not Too Bad!?

I think this interview is actually pretty nice and it shows some different aspects of Uwe Boll and I think it's definitely worth watching.


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