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Max Payne Movie Trailer

The Max Payne series has always been a favorite of mine and not just because I support Rockstar. The games had a great noir style to them and were a blast to play. When I first heard that they were going to make a movie based on the series I was pretty excited. Max Payne is basically a game that took most of it's inspiration(if not all) from a variety of films. It's a game/series that was essentially based on a specific sub-genre of film and instead of making another film they made a video game. I started to get even more excited when I heard Mark Wahlberg was cast as Max Payne. He is probably the perfect actor for the role and I remember picturing him as Max Payne when the first game came out.

The first trailer has finally surfaced and I found it to be well done overall. The vibe of the series seems to be intact, though the "angel"(?) did seem a bit out of place. Religion has always been a part of the series, but I can't remember anything to that extreme in the games. There were a few hallucinations featured in the games, but none ever dealing with angels etc; at least not from what I can recall. That part of the trailer did seem out of place, but at the same time I thought it looked interesting. only see her for a glimpse, but the actress playing Mona Sax seems to be dead on as well. I was pretty sure from that brief shot that it was Mila Kunis(from That 70's Show fame) and that's been confirmed from the film's IMDB page.

Anyways, here is the trailer for you viewing pleasure and be sure to remember one thing. 1 + 1 = 2 and therefore you love sausage too!



PS360 Controller Hybrids

These may quite possibly be the greatest controllers ever, at least the 360 controller for the PS3. I really believe that the 360's controller is the best on the market and is the greatest console controller up to this day. It fits perfectly in my hands and just feels right. My biggest issue between to the 2 consoles(PS3/360) is that I prefer one controller heavily over the other. If I could play PS3 games with a 360 controller then I would use my PS3 a lot more(though probably still for mostly PS2 games).

If I can somehow make one of these myself then I will be in heaven. Though if I decide to make the 360 DS3 controller then I'll be going to hell.

3PS60 Controller

PS360 Controller



Kotaku = Staff's Personal Blog?

Before my sausage got banned I still wasn't a fan of Kotaku. One of these reasons was brought up in Brukaoru's comment of my previous Kotaku post. The staff seem to feel the need to post their e-mails on the site. I don't care about what they are talking about behind closed doors, especially when it has nothing to do with games. I decided to find some of these posts and link them here.

Check out the great gaming news that is, "Kotaku E-Mails"!

And you can click right HERE for a link to pretty much all of these e-mail posts.



Kotaku Bans The Sausage!

I post a comment on the horrible site that is Kotaku and within a few minutes I get banned. I was simply critiquing the post, though I may not have sugarcoated my words to their soft ears.

"Why should I trust the opinion of someone who can't write?"

I am "sorry" that I didn't post a nice comment stating, "Did you know that in this sentence, of this paragraph, you made these errors ________ ". I have no reason to be nice and sweet to the staff of Kotaku, not to mention that the article was written by their senior editor.

Another part of my whole problem with Kotaku is that while I get banned for something that small; people get away with a lot worse. An example would be that someone posted a link to a video depicting animal cruelty. I don't believe that relates to video games, as well as it being completely disgusting and unnecessary. That person was not banned and that comment was not removed. I would love to understand the logic behind Kotaku and the kind of community it's supposed to be. It would seem that the basic idea of Kotaku is, "LOVE IT!!! or leave it", and that just doesn't work for me.

*I did send an e-mail to the staff of Kotaku asking why I was banned. I have yet to receive a reply, but as soon as I hear from them I will update this post.*



UPDATE: Mega Man 9 Not Coming to XBLA/PSN

It would seem that Mega Man 9 is only coming out for WiiWare once again. All that excitement lasted a good, solid day. Hooray! Capcom has stated that the E3 listings were just an error and that Mega Man 9 will only be releasing for WiiWare. So as of right now the XBLA/PSN versions are just a mistake; sort of like teen pregnancy.