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Home = WTF Sony

Well it seems like all PS3 owners will be homeless for a little bit longer (or forever, who knows). Though I am not at all surprised by the delay, I really wish that Sony would just release a patch that gives us some new features. I am optimistic for Home and I understand that they want to make sure the "world" is fully functional when it goes live, but with every delay I care less and less. If they just gave me some of the simplest functionality that is in XBL; I wouldn't care how long they spent on refining Home.

I really do want Home to be good, though I can't help but laugh at these circumstances. I hate hearing all the PS3 fanboys (and girls) acting like Home is the PS3's killer AP and will take down XBL. Home is a very ambitious project, but the truth is we haven't had any experience with the software and all these delays aren't exactly good signs.

Even though I am disappointed with the delay...I think it's best that we all stand up and point at every single fanboy and laugh! HAHA...I hate you guys.


Rockstar Social Club pre-registration

Starts today! As of right now it hasn't officially gone up, but just keep going back and eventually it will be working (Most likely by this afternoon). If you're a bit curious about what the Social Club actually is you can check out my previous post here.


Death of CGW/GFW...mag going online only

I will write more about this tomorrow, but I just wanted to let people know if they don't already. It happened early today and they posted GFW Radio today as well. I find this to be a very sad moment. I've fallen out of PC gaming a while ago, but I really loved this mag and still read it even though I haven't played a PC game in ages. I wish all the guys the best as well as the ones who were laid off because of this...I hope everything ends up positive down the road for everyone.

There will still be a GFW in a sense. They will still post articles etc online and as of right now the podcast will still be going strong. You can find more on this news by listening to the latest episode of GFW Radio or by checking out these few links...

Jeff Green's Blog

"GFW Magazine Moves Online"

Mar292008 Changing Things Up

Well for those of you who don't hate Gamestop/EB you'll be happy to learn that their website is undergoing to much needed changes. Some of the major changes are things like: The ability to get your EDGE card discount when purchasing used products online, The ability to pre-order online and pick up in-store, and a community aspect (such as forums and reviews...).

The list of new features is rather long so I'll just link it for those who want to read up on all that's in store for the updated site. I must say that I do not love GS or hate GS, but these additions are great and something that they have needed for a long time. New Features


The site went live on March 30th so everything should be functioning as well. The link has been fixed (It didn't work after the site went like because they moved the page). I have a few issues with some new features that I will talk about at a later date...


EA/Take-Two Possible Takeover

I was recently thinking about the whole EA/Take-Two takeover and it really got me thinking. I know a lot of people (me included) don't want to see this happen and there are many different reasons for this reaction. If this takeover were to happen then there wouldn't be any competition in the sport's market (at least between third-party developers). Then there's the group who thinks that Rockstar will be completely tainted by this possible transaction. I personally never believed that EA would do anything to ruin what we we've come to love about Rockstar, but I recently just thought of something that I think EA would heavily pursue if the transaction unfolds in their favor.

In-game advertisements
; I think that is the simple change that they would want to add to a game like Grand Theft Auto. Just imagine how much money they could make selling ad space for one of the biggest (if not the biggest) game franchises out there. I think that would be a horrible outcome if it were to happen. For one we would be losing out on all the great humor that Rockstar North puts into their false ads. Second, the press may try to turn this into something bad like always. I say that because some people may say that real-life ads give the game a more "real-life" feel. I can’t say that I would be able to deny that fact either; seeing a McDonalds on the street, or ads for major retailers would give the game a more “real” feeling. Those two reasons are enough for me to hope that this will never happen, but the way EA works; I can't say that it's really that far-fetched.


EA has extended their offer until April 18th, which is the day after Take-Two's annual meeting to discuss all their business. So right now the whole deal is at a stand-still at the moment...