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Fallout 3 Amazon Exclusive Deal

What is this exclusive you ask? It's an official Pip-boy 3000 Digital Clock, along with the regular swag coming with the LE, all for the ripe price of $129.99! That is quite the price, in fact it's the first time a LE has reached that ugly mountain since the Halo 3 Legendary Edition debacle. Though the truly sad part about this is that I'm actually considering it because I want that damn thing. If it was being sold for $100 I would order it no question, but $129 is so much to pay for one game. I could buy a Nintendo DS with that money. I could buy a lot of beer and grapes with that money, but I still can't help but have the slightest desire for that LE. Oh yea, there is also the fact that I will likely not be able to afford that either.

I likely won't be getting it because I do think that is way too much money to part with for one game (no matter what bonuses you get) and if you remember what happened with the Halo 3 LE...maybe we'll be seeing this on Amazon for $60 not that much longer after release. Though having it only be sold through Amazon makes that a much, much smaller possibility.




Pixelated Sausage News

Just thought I would update people on what is happening with the Sausage and what you will be seeing soon in the future. Some of the new features you will be seeing have already shown up like video previews (and videos in general). Soon you will see video reviews as well as some video features and series...and of course there is definitely more to come from the series N+Sausage.

Another newly added component is the Donation button. I'm not asking for much or anything at all even, but if you want to support the Sausage with 25 cents then just "do it". I've been doing a lot of work on the site and all help is appreciated.

The N+Sausage video has now become a full on series and will be posted weekly on Wednesday nights by 8PM CST (hopefully). So stay tuned for Episode 2 tomorrow night...N+Sausage: Baby Steps.

...and here are the vimeo pages for the Video Game Endings and N+Sausage series! As well as now for the Pixelated Sausage video previews/reviews.



MGS4 90 Minute Cut-scenes!?

It has been reported that some of the cut-scenes in Metal Gear Solid 4 will be up to 90 minutes long! If this is true (which it likely is), then my interest in this game has just plummeted immensely. Now I can see why the game can't fit on a Blu-ray disc; it's because Kojima can't deliver a story in any other way than 90 minute cut-scenes that take up shit loads of space. It's also been reported that you can skip the cut-scenes, but why would you? the MGS series has always been about the story and I am interested in what is happening in this "world", but I would actually like to, you know, be in control.

I have to say that I do respect Kojima. I think he is visually a great designer, but this just shows even more that he should really be working in film rather than games. I want to play the game, not watch it. I already know that I will get this game because I want to see where the story is going, but I can't say that I'm as excited as I once was anymore.

MGS4 has '90 Minute' cut-scenes


Prototype Will Wait Until 2009

I mentioned my disappointment with the recent gameplay video for Prototype on the last Episode of Distributed Failure. I also mentioned the fact that after seeing the video that it would be wise for the developers to just push the release date into 2009. Guess what, that is exactly what happened yesterday.

"we need more time to deliver the game the team initially set out to create."
- Sierra reps.

I know that one of the things that was supposed to be a big aspect of the game originally was co-op; but they ended up scrapping the co-op because of time constraints. Now that the game has been officially delayed I hope that co-op in Prototype might resurface. The chance that it might actually return is very low, but I know that people love co-op and if Prototype let's me play with friends... I'll have a much greater desire to give this game a chance.

"Prototype Gives Up On 2008 Release"


LBP = Low Blow Pop = Delay

The saddest delay for me is the delay of LittleBigPlanet. I have been open about my love for LBP and it is actually my most wanted PS3 game (more than MGS4). It didn't get pushed back that far (just a month), but imagine if GTAIV was pushed back a month. It may only be a month, but it is still a significant amount of extra time I'll have to wait until I get to play the game.

Why does Sony hate me so much right now?...and yes they hate you too :)

"SCEE: LBP Delayed, Not Coming Until October"