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GTAIV: The Sausage Cometh in a Montheth

Today has been an interesting news day for Grand Theft Auto IV and Rockstar. We got the final trailer (which we knew was coming) and we heard about a new community site. The Rockstar Social Club ( sounds very interesting to me, being the huge GTA/R* fan that I am. It's basically a community site where all Rockstar-whores can fight to get on top of the leaderboards and just be a wonderful retarded community. I've already been reading different people's thought on this news and some think it's a great idea, while others think it's horrible. The argument these “haters” use is that this site will take away from people enjoying the experience, that it will make everyone just strive to be numero uno. I don't think that's the case at all; this site is pure choice and if you don't want to be a part of it then you don't have to. It just really gets on my nerves when supposed GTA fans bitch about absolutely everything; the graphics suck, this site sucks, you suck, I suck, we all suck-a-lucka ding dong. Shut up already! The site will go live on April 15th allowing people to register before the game actually ships...though remember this isn’t just a GTA thing; it’s a Rockstar thing! So let’s all become rock stars together!

Now let’s go to the trailer of sausagedly goodness (which I posted below). I must say that Rockstar North really knows how to make a trailer. The music, the cinematography, the cuts...basically all that goes in this presentation is fantastic. The trailer really shows off some cool parts of the game that we haven’t seen much of yet. The physics on the guy falling down the stairs was great as well as when the news stands exploded. I don't care what anyone tries to say, this game looks absolutely gorgeous! The fact that there is so much in this game and that it looks as good as what we've seen just blows me away; not to mention the fact that from what I hear it runs pretty smooth too. Oh why must you tease me Rockstar, why!?

So GTAIV will be in our hands in just about a month now. Are you excited because I'm pretty excited (and yes Kadosho I know you're not excited). Hey Rockstar...release another Kubrick set so I can add to my collection!

Rockstar, "You're weird Kush"; Kush, "I can't quit you!!!"

I am not ashamed to admit it and you shouldn't be either! Come on, let's all stand up and say it… I am totally gay for GTA!



Playsation Store...Hacked!?

"We have found out that there has been a possibility of unauthorized access to personal information" of PlayStation Store users, reads the notice posted by Sony today. Since PlayStation Store accounts don't portray entire credit card numbers, Sony asserts it is "highly unlikely" that any credit card information could have been stolen. Still, Sony also states that there is the possibility passwords could have been changed for a small percentage of users, "making it possible to view users' personal information and/or use the Wallet for the [PlayStation Store]."

Well this is a bit of interesting news and I’ll be interested in seeing how this pans out. I would really like to see people start back lashing on the PSN again (sorry fanboys) because the recent bitching over XBL by all the PS3 nutcases has been driving me crazy honestly. So I hope that it turns out to be a big issue just so I can laugh at all of you guys!

On a serious side I really don’t wish this to be any kind of big deal. I don’t want people to have deal with these kinds of shenanigans. Thankfully there is no way that I can be compromised and hopefully the 2 readers of my little sausage project here aren’t affected by it either…


Sonic...Going back to it's roots!?

So apparently some screen shots of a new Sonic game have shown up on the internet. If the pictures are true then the game will actually be taking place mostly on a 2D plane; I will be extremely excited about a Sonic game for the first time in years. Sonic works in 2D and I don’t know why everyone feels the need to put every single game in a 3D world. Would Contra be the same if it wasn’t a side-scroller? I don’t think so. Shattered Soldier was an amazing game for the PS2 and I hope that this new Sonic game (possibly called Sonic Unleashed) goes back to it’s 2D roots because if that happens we may actually find ourselves with an actual good new game featuring our favorite blue hedgehog. Just remember that as of right now nothing is official and nothing had been announced; this is all pure speculation at the moment, but it's looking good.

…and Sega…Where is my next-gen Earthworm Jim!? Come on, you know we want it and it could be awesome. I know there’s still good somewhere inside of Sega so just let it out. Don’t make me have to play my Genesis and Dreamcast for Sega sweetness; remind people of how good Sega once was...for me. :)

Here is actual game-play footage as well...Enjoy!


Girls Got Game

To all the female gamers out there! (Guys are welcome too) You should all check out Girls Got Game! It’s a new site dedicated to bringing together the community of female gamers and showing that they can hang with the boys. Girls are just as important as guys in the world of games. They may still be out-numbered, but they still are just as passionate about video games as anyone else out there. So if you’re a gamer who is sausage free….please, please PLEASE go and check out Girls Got Game! …sign up and tell all your fellow gamers about the site. Spread the word and let it be known that Girls Got Game! kicks ass like a boot full of brass. You’ll be sitting in the grass looking for a pass to save your ass. Praying in mass won’t save your ass, I laugh that you even have to ask! So break off fool, this site is mad cool…and if you’re a girl, give it whirl. It won’t disappoint…pigs go oink! (Sorry, I couldn’t think of anything to rhyme with disappoint)

…also I’m sorry for the rhyming in general. It’s what I do…and yes I know I am a retard!

So anyways please check out the site for me, for you…for 55cents!?....alright
Girls Got Game!


XBLA size limit increased for Capcom

"Given the sizeable content in Bionic Commando Rearmed and Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Microsoft allowed Capcom to work with a larger file size limit for both of those titles in order to provide gamers with the game experience that Capcom desired, such as full hi-res textures (on Bionic Commando Rearmed) or 1080p support (for SSFIIT)," said the Capcom rep. "The Xbox Live Arcade versions of both titles will have complete feature and graphical parity with the iterations that will be available on other platforms. There were never any issues with 1942 or Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3, as those titles were designed from the ground up to meet [Microsoft's] standards."

Well it seems that what everyone expected has now become official. Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and more importantly Bionic Commando Rearmed will not be subject to the 150MB limit that is currently enforced my Microsoft. I am not surprised by this news, but I am glad to finally hear the official words spoken. Now people won't be able to question whether or not the 360 version will be up to par with the PS3/PC versions.

Though this news is good news...I really want to hear Microsoft come out and officially raise the limit for all developers. Then we will be able to see more games that are as big (not is size, but in content) as a game like Rearmed. If they choose to keep the normal limit at 150MB and just make an exception here and there...we may see a surge in the downloadable games for PSN and a decrease in XBLA games. Plus with more room to work with, the more variety we can get. Also, Microsoft is selling Xbox Originals on Live and those can take up to 6GB of space! I think they can raise the limit for arcade games, don't you?