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'SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance' Video Preview

SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance is a brand new XBLIG that just released and from my first impressions, it's a damn fine game. SCHAR is a twin-stick shooter where you control a ship in space and go around shooting ships as you protect generators and the like. Enemy ships drop salvage that can be picked up to repair shields and upgrade your ship between missions. There's offline multiplayer and it's just a fun shooter with solid controls for the not-too-shabby price of 240 MS points ($3). Check out the video below and give the game a shot; you may be surprised by what you play. P.S. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay up to date and all that jazz.


'Massteroid' Video Preview

So I made another video for a little game called Massteroid—a brand new XBLIG where you control an asteroid and try to increase its mass by collecting a bunch of space crap while avoiding hazards at the same time. I do want to point out that while I wasn't sure as to whether there was more to the game than just the mode I was playing in the video, I can confirm there's more modes and whatnot; however, they're not in the trial or even teased as being unlocked with a purchase.

The game itself reminds me of many mobile games with a pick-up-and-play vibe that feels more suitable for a mobile device than a big ol' fatty console. It's kind of fun, but it's the kind of game I'd rather play on a train for a few minutes than sitting at home in front of my HDTV. It's also hard to say much when the trial only included a single mode and never once told me I'd get more if I dropped the 80 MS points to buy it. Anyway, check out the video below and give the game a shot if you feel so inclined.


'Obsessive Collecting Disorder' Video Preview

The Super Amazing Wagon Adventure video has received quite a bit of positive feedback so far and I enjoyed making it, so I think I may just keep on keeping on with all these videos and whatnot. That said, here's a video preview/playthrough of another new XBLIG called Obsessive Collecting Disorder—a very N+-like brutal platforming game—and, well, I had some technical difficulties with the game and, well, just watch the damn video and enjoy my suffering.


'Super Amazing Wagon Adventure' Video Preview

I thought I'd experiment with more video content, so here's a little video preview/playthrough of the recently released XBLIG, Super Amazing Wagon Adventure, available now on Xbox LIVE.

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