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DF #46: One Year in the Making

It's been one year since the first episode of Distributed Failure. We've gone through a few changes and potentially killed ourselves numerous times, but we managed to survive through 46 episodes (and a few special editions). We start off this episode like any other show, with user questions and what we've been playing.

We discuss Afro Samurai, Killzone 2, F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, Street Fighter IV, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, and much more. We try to find words to describe the PSN game, Noby Noby Boy, but we only end up with references to floppy cocks...and no, I don't mean chickens. I'm actually referring to those little things you use when playing badminton. After we finish up with the penis talk, we reminisce on all our good (and bad) memories of our hated podcast. We also announce the winner of our contest, but you'll have to listen to see if you're the lucky winner!

I would like to take this time to remind people that the charity drive is almost finished. You only have until this Saturday to donate any money you may be willing to spare for Child's Play. I appreciate those who have already donated, but there is room for so much more. Thanks.

...I also apologize for the lack of content in the past week. I've been rather busy and haven't had much time to update the site, not to mention the fact I wanted people to focus their attention on this charity drive. Expect more updates soon, including a few overdo reviews. I want this.



DF #45: Lost SFIV & Damned Flower

We have another new episode of Distributed Failure for you, last one before the big 1-year anniversary! Since I have recently become the recipient of a Brit's sleep cycle, I was not able to attend this showing and thus, I have no idea what happened during this week's show. I can tell you that ex-DF original Phil made a special appearance this week, along with special first-time guest, TheGamerGeek.

Apparently they talk about Flower, The Lost and the Damned, Loco Roco 2, LIT, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Burnout Paradise, Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, and Street Fighter IV. They then talk about the first games they ever completed without the help of a friend, guide, or cheat code. There is also a chance for one lucky listener to win a game of their choice...if you know the secret Phrase (I don't even know it), send it to for a chance to win a game of your choice.

I wasn't there this week (obviously), but expect some write-ups on Flower, The Lost & the Damned, and Sonic's Ultimate Game Collection in the next few days. Here's a sneak peak: 2 of the 3 are amazing...the one that isn't amazing is the one that relates to GTAIV.



DF #44: Rob Hates Killzone 2

We are back and here to please you (yes, YOU!). Well, Gus really only wants to please Jake Gyllenhaal so you'll have to settle for Rob and moi. After a break due to Rob's failings (how appropriate eh?) we finally have a brand new show for all you little boys and girls out there. We start with a ridiculously, random off-topic intro that inevitably ends in vaginal references and then moves on to "What we've been playing".

We talk about Valkyria Chronicles, Need for Speed: Carbon, Quake Live, Peggle, and some demos including: Tom Clancy's HAWX, Resident Evil 5, MLB 09: The Show, Minesweeper Flags and more. We also talk about Killzone 2, which leads to much disagreement and controversy. After all is said and done, we drop some gaming news (L4D DLC and the Red Dead Redemption announcement) and then Gus drops a massive deuce. Don't forget about this month's CHARITY DRIVE for CHILD'S PLAY!

Question of the week: "What is the first game you beat without the use of a guide, cheats, or the help of a friend?"

Don't forget to bring protection when listening to Distributed Failure!



DF Special: The Early Years

I decided to put together a special podcast of a bunch of crappy clips from the first 5 episodes of Distributed Failure. I thought it could be fun until I started listening to episode 1. I quickly remembered how awful the show used to be and decided to put little effort into this "special edition". I just want to apologize in advance for poop you're about to hear...this isn't even Gus Yoo quality poo! I hope you find some way to enjoy this episode and remember that we'll be back next week with a brand new show!

DF Special: The Early Years

More crap/awesomeness comes with more sausage...

This is essentially the quality of this "special" podcast. You can either go through the trouble of listening to the crappy podcast, or watching this crappy video. The choice is entirely up to you.



No New DF This Week

The key word in that title would be "New". There will be no new episode this week due to some technical failings, but I decided to create something special for all you "fans". I think that the technical debacle that killed this week's show is actually something good. I am now going to put together a little special podcast featuring clips from the first five episodes. You'll get to see how far we've come and how the cast has changed (and not changed) from the very first episode.

This special edition of Distributed Failure will likely be up for your listening pleasure this Friday, February 6th. Keep in mind that these are the early shows and the sound quality may not always be "ideal", but even crappy audio can't stop the sausage from coming through! I am also planning on an attempt to raise a little money for the charity Child's Play, but I'm not expecting much. If you would like to help in my feeble cause, email me, or click the donate button to your left. All donations in the month of February will be going towards Child's Play.

Another lovely video can be found by going after some more sausage...

This is what Gus Yoo (the same one who likes to poo) likes to do in his spare time...when he's not on the prowl for Canadian Cougars.