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Episode 7: Distributed Failure

Well episode #7 is finally up and let's just say that Rob failed initially yet again!...but he has redeemed himself for now.

This episode consisted of a extreme usage of the word "bundle", way too much airtime for Pimp My Ride (The Game), Wii Online, "The Dual Shock 3 is here", Gamestop and more...

Most importantly the show ends with a song by the Minibosses... "Ninja Gaiden"'s a great song and more will come. I really want to show my thanks to all the guys from the band; I really appreciate you guys being cool with it!

*EDIT* - Rob failed and there is now a 2min moment of silence before the song plays...I guess it's for us to bow to their awesomeness, but just be patient and the greatness will occur...sorry for rob's failure!

Thanks :)

Distributed Failure: Episode 7

*Minibosses Site*

You can download all the songs off their album Brass for free now! Though if you really want to support them they do still have some physical copies too! So listen to them, love them and support them! They deserve it!

Peace out fools :P


Distributed Failure: SausageCast #6

The newest episode is up for your listening pleasure. We talk about numerous gaming subjects, none more important than the word "bundle" and specifically our very talented Brukaoru saying "bundle" plenty of times! Sit back, relax and enjoy the Success that is...

Distributed Failure
Episode 6


Distributed Failure: FIVE + iTunes

Well I never got around to posting that the latest episode of Distributed Failure went I'm saying it now. Distributed Failure: Episode 5 is up! In this week's episode you get to hear about a cocky young man who thought that being at only lvl 2 in FFXII was enough to take on a T-Rex. Let me tell you that the man I'm speaking about is quite the retard and one giant was me. It was a great episode and you (Yes, YOU) should check it out right now!

Also it seems that we are now officially on iTunes. Just search the name Distributed Failure and there we are in our retarded glory. There are some issues though; I think Rob messed up when putting the show in a category because we are currently under Technology and no Video Games. I can't personally fix it because I had nothing to do with putting it up on iTunes, but anyways just go to iTunes and give us a nice a review! You'll see that we already have one 5-star review; that's right, ME!

Distributed Failure: Episode 5


Distributed Failure: SausageCast #4

Episode 4 of Podcast that distributes failure evenly on all fronts has been posted! This week's episode features more sausage then ever before!!!

We have a +6 Sausage Multiplier!

I want to apologize right now for my lack of contribution this episode; I was quite quiet :P That sounds funny. I hope you all enjoy the sausagefest and tune in next week for more failure on Distributed Failure! The podcast that hates itself so you don't have to!!! Just kidding, we know you guys love us...admit it, don't be shy. We hand out high fives while drinking honey from a bee hive! We don't smoke the reefer, but I guarantee the show is still a keeper.

Alright everyone, enjoy the show :)
DF: Episode 4


Old Spice/Distributed Failure EP3

Well some people know that I was in one of the Old Spice Gamerscore challenges. The prize was a $100 Best Buy gift card and I was up against 15 other people. Well I ended up winning the contest with a gain of 16,130pts in 30 days...This challenge was a bitch and I am so happy that it's over. I don't want to hear are "blip" and see achievement unlocked for a while; I've seen enough of you guys and I've sick of you! "I can't quit you" ??? No, NO! I can...and I do quit you for now. I am proud to say that I also just surpassed the 60K mark! So that's pretty cool. Now I just sit back and wait for my prize to get here in 13 months!

Distributed Failure Episode 3

Episode 3 of our lovely podcast is up now and you can find a link to it on the right under "Distributed Failure"...I was a bit tired when we recorded it, which is pretty obvious. I think the show turned out pretty well even though Rob did call Bru a man... ...Twice! If you want to get back at Rob for being so mean, you can email me a voice clip of you saying "Rob has a tiny little sausage!" to

Stay tuned for more failure each week!
*New Episodes posted every Wednesday*

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