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Episode 12: Up the Mountain

Well Episode 12 of Distributed Failure is now up and it was quite the interesting show. We talk about a few things Kojima, The GTAIV train, Dennis Dyack and a possible slimmer X360 in 2009 among other topics. The show really trainwrecks when we go into a big "Mountain Climbing" discussion with Elton...ahem, I mean Rob. So sit back, enjoy it and tell your friends about the failure and about my sausage! :)

Episode 12


Episode 11: Everyone's on Drugs

Well Episode 11 of Distributed Failure in now up!!! We talk about the Bourne Conspiracy demo, game delays up the ying yang, the 360 hard-drive, why Valve hates Sony and much, much more! I'll just say that if we recorded this show in person I would have likely killed someone, but you should just listen and see for yourself...and stay tuned after the show for "Ikari Warriors" by the minibosses.

Episode 11: Everyone's on Drugs


Episode 10: Gusless

Episode 10 of Distribute Failure is finally up! Can you believe we have actually reached double digits! "like ZOMG, soooo amazing". Gus wasn't able to make and you can find out why by listening to the show. We talk about GTAIV...I lose my mind, we actually somehow got through every single topic and I offend numerous people/organizations! Yay for my sausage of drama! :P

Episode 10: Gusless


Episode 9: Rob Hates All

The latest episode of Distributed Failure has gone up and it's full of epic failure....I mean greatness! We talk about PSN vs XBL a little more. We find out that Rob hates everything so I repeatedly called him a retard :\ ...Rob talks about his crazy spending spree. A little discussion about Epic's hate for the Wii and Gus obsesses over Mojo.

...and we have one of the most epic endings of all time! So listen to the whole show! :)

Episode 9: Rob Hates All


Episode 8: Gus Has to Poo

Episode 8 of Distributed Failure is up! Which means we've lasted two months, Hooray! In this episode we discuss MGS4 and get into a heated discussion about PSN/XBL. Discuss GTAIV and the "Shoe"s departure from 1UP/EGM. Listen to it...Love it, Hold it, Squeeze it, Meet it, place it near your ear and enjoy the sweet, sweet sound of failure!

...and you may not understand to poop and I'm sorry you don't...

Episode 8: Gus Has to Poo!