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Iron Man (360) Demo

For those of you who don't know, the Iron Man demo is up on XBL for your playing pleasure (note: sarcasm). I honestly never had high hopes for this game, but from what I've played in the demo... it is one janky mess.

If I had to give a brief description I would say that it plays like a prettier version of Superman Returns while actually controlling worse. The games looks alright, but it wouldn't stand out in a crowd (even a crowd of movie-liscensed games). The real issue with the game is how horrible it controls. I managed just fine due to the fact that your projectiles just automatically hit an enemy if fired in their general direction, but I can't say it's much fun. There's no enjoyment in flying around (absolutely no sense of speed) and it just gets worse on land. I really found no redeeming qualities in the demo, except the fact that it was just a demo and therefore I didn't spend any money on it.

I know a few weeks back there was an article saying that the GTAIV release may hurt ticket sales for the Iron Man movie, but I think this game will have the problem; not because of GTAIV, but because this game sucks hard from what I've played and I doubt it will be getting any better in under a month. So once again we get a crappy movie-licensed game...what a surprise!


Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3) First Impressions

I know I'm pretty late to the party on this one, but you's only on the PS3. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, but back to business. I was really looking forward to this game; it was actually one of my most wanted games of 2007. From what I've played I have to say that the game is a mixed bag. The visuals are obviously gorgeous, but the perfect puff of smoke that follows every explosion gets a bit distracting for me. Nathan is an interesting (and human) character and his story is what keeps me coming back for more because the combat sure isn't doing it for me.

For a game that is about treasure hunting and exploration; there sure is a lot of shooting. Every time I find myself immersed in the story (or platforming), I suddenly find myself in a shootout that would feel at home in a game like Gears of War, but not in this game. I enter an area and a shootout begins; I kill a few enemies and then more magically arrive to keep the fire fight going. These scenarios don't belong in this game. I wouldn't have a problem if these fights were with a small group of men and were more tactical in nature. Instead you just find yourself shooting up countless generic enemies who are capable of taking way too much damage, not to mention that the hit detection is a bit off. If the story wasn't interesting to me I wouldn't see a reason to keep coming back because the shooting isn't doing anything for me (besides pissing me off).

It's way too early for me to truly judge this game, but from what I've heard the shooting only gets worse. As long as the story keeps me involved I will still really enjoy the game, but I can't help thinking about how amazing this game could be with a little less shooting and a little more exploration.


Bully: Scholarship Edition (360) First Impressions

From what I have played of Bully: Scholarship Edition for the 360, I must say that the game is still as fun and enjoyable as it was when it originally released for the PS2. I don’t have much experience with new content yet, but what I have played has been enjoyable. So out of all the new content I’ve only actually played two of the new classes and tried out the multiplayer component. The multiplayer is offline only and is simply puts you against one friend while you compete in the different class mini games. Some of them work better than others, but the lack of online play will likely mean that not many people will even try it. The new classes I got to mess around with were Biology and Music. From what I’ve played the music class is pretty simple and not really anything special, but the Biology class (which involved dissecting different species – not the human kind) is actually pretty fun and can be a bit challenging.

The other aspect I’ll talk about is how the game looks on the 360. The game does look better, specifically the lighting, but there are a few issues here and there. Some textures may not be up to par with the rest of game and there are some frame-rate issues, but nothing too drastic that I’ve experienced personally. Also I know that many people have reported the game crashing and freezing, but I have not experienced any freezing at all (though I am only about 3 hours into the game). One last note on the graphics; with better graphics comes an uglier Jimmy.

For those who have already played Bully on the PS2, I don’t really feel there is enough to warrant another purchase (unless you are an achievement whore). Though anyone who never got a chance to play Bully when it originally came out; I highly recommend you pick Bully: SE up. It has a wonderful story with great writing and fantastic voice work. The game holds up 100% and even though I’ve already played through it multiple times before, I am still having blast hanging out at Bullworth Academy.

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Bully: SE is definitely worth the enrollment!
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