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Pixelated Playtime: qrth-phyl (XBLIG)

qrth-phyl is one of the best, worst-named games I've played all year. It's a somewhat fresh take on classic Snake gameplay from hermitgames with a wonderful visual style and responsive controls. Despite having possibly the worst name of any XBLIG—it is also available on PCqrth-phyl is something special as you play stage after stage, switching  back and forth from a more classic 2D style of play to a full-on 3D style of play that really makes the game interesting. I am an obvious lover of Snake-like games, but I believe qrth-phyl is a snake-like game that everyone should try.

qrth-phyl is 80 MS points and, as always, a free trial is available if you're a bit stingy.


Pixelated Playtime: Block World (XBLIG)

Take one wild guess as to what kind of game Block World is…have you made your guess? If you said, “I bet it’s one of those bajillion Minecraft clones,” you would be absolutely correct. Now, I received a code for Block World and thought, what the hell, why not give it a shot. Well, a shot I did give and my expectations were pretty much met; it’s basically an adequate clone for anyone too cheap to just buy Minecraft. That said, I’d still recommend picking up Minecraft even if you are a “Cheap Ass Gamer”; however, if you’re still unsure, you can watch the little video below and use that to make up your mind because I need something that says I didn’t waste my time recording it.


Pixelated Playtime: Human Subject (XBLIG)

If you enjoy platforming and robotic female voices, you may get a quick kick out of Human Subject, an XBLIG where you play as a man abducted by aliens who is forced to complete various tests involving running and jumping. If you do well enough, you’ll scare the aliens back to their (likely) shitty planet because they never thought anyone could run and jump so stylishly. The story is throwaway and the robotic voice is nothing you couldn’t mimic yourself, but the gameplay is relatively solid and while the visuals are bland overall, the character you control is actually quite nice to look at and features some nice animations. Check out the video below and see if Human Subject has what it takes to abduct your measly buck—which is nowhere near enough to buy a duck, unless you’re overflowing with ridiculous luck. I enjoy the occasional rhyme sometimes.


Pixelated Playtime: 0 Gravity Y3030 (XBLIG)

0 Gravity Y3030 is a spaceship simulator where you take control of a cargo ship and collect cargo one piece at a time, returning each piece to a designated location while managing your oxygen and fuel. I was immediately impressed by the game visually and though the game lacks color—it is space after all—it more than makes up for its lack of color with polished and crisp models. That said, the game is, from first impression, rather repetitive and somewhat boring after extended play. All I ever did was collect a box, return it, and do it all over again; moreover, there’s no story mode and every new game starts in essentially the same place—which makes continued play less desirable as the game is slowly paced.

I’m still checking the game out and seeing if there’s more than meets the eye, but as I do what it is I do, you should check out the video below and decide if what you see makes you interested or not. I may be a bit lukewarm on the game so far, but I would recommend giving the game a shot as it is fairly well-put-together and may just be a great game for space enthusiasts.

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Pixelated Playtime: Pro Basketball Shooter (XBLIG)

There may not be much to Pro Basketball Shooter—hint: you shoot basketballs like a pro—but what's there ain't too shabby and may just be your cup of tea. The real problem with Pro Basketball Shooter is that it's exactly what it says it is; it's essentially just a mini-game ripped from a mini-game collection or a full-fledged basketball game. I'm not saying it's bad—I found the game enjoyable—but it may be a bit hard to justify the purchase of something so brief and simplistic.