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Ninja Gaiden 2 (X360) Preview

If you liked Ninja Gaiden(or the two remakes) then you will probably like Ninja Gaiden 2 as well. In the simplest of terms Ninja Gaiden 2 is basically a prettier version of the first game. You get the good(game-play) with the bad(camera) and not much has changed. The biggest change would probably be the regenerating life bar because it does make things easier and slightly opens the game up to a wider audience. Though the horrible camera may push all those people away because it is absolutely unchanged from the previous games. It gets in the way and forces you to try and control the camera while controlling Ryu at the same time. There is also the new feature of cutting off the body parts of your enemies which is not only a visual addition, but adds to the the game-play as well. If you do not quickly dispatch of a wounded foe then he will latch onto you and blow himself up which leads to quite the health loss.

With all that said I still found the game enjoyable and I think the combat is a lot of fun. The different weapons all have their specific style and play very differently so there should be a weapon that fits everyone's playing style. The game does look good and runs very smooth, which is good because it is one fast game. Ninja Gaiden 2 will likely please Ninja Gaiden fans, but it probably won't help attain many new players to the series.



Crash Time (X360) Preview

I don't know how to describe this game besides just saying it's bad. The controls are very loose and it looks like a last-gen game. I guess that means it would feel at home on a Wii. My biggest complaint is that the game seems to be against you crashing even though it's called Crash Time. I have no way of knowing what game modes will be in the final version, but the mode I played would actually end if too much damage was taken. Either this mode is barely used in the full game, or either someone was massively high when they thought up the title.

The game is bad. Bad in every single aspect and if you don't believe me just watch the video below. My sausage has been in 3 videos already! Boy do I feel like a real Porn Star now...


The Bourne Conspiracy Impressions

I really thought that the Bourne Conspiracy would be a movie-licensed game worth trying, but from what I've played they need to do a lot of work before the June release. Pretty much every game mechanic ranges from "ok" to bad and I don't expect these fundamental aspects to change much for the official release.

Before I discuss what I didn't like, let me first say that the game doesn't look too bad graphically and the fighting system can be fun in small doses, but that's all the positive critique I'll give this game. Fighting seems to be a big part of the game and though it may be fun at times, there isn't really that much depth and soon it starts getting very repetitive. Sprinting is also big part of the game and actually feels a lot like the way The Club played (only worse). I am actually a huge fan of The Club, but that style of play isn't really suited here and doesn't even work that well. I find the shooting to be uncomfortable and just not enjoyable.

There are also a lot of quicktime events and I have never been a fan of that specific game mechanic. So I must believe that these developers have it in for me because there are quicktime events absolutely everywhere (fighting, running, driving!?). I can understand having such events in small doses at significant moments, but this game takes it to an extreme I can't say I have ever seen before in a game. They aren't even challenging, but just extremely annoying and add nothing to the game whatsoever. The last part of the demo featured a driving level, but it's obvious that these levels are their last priority. Basically these levels control like a driving level you would find in a 007 game (just worse).

I never thought that this game would be great, but I also never thought it would be this bad. I can't find any redeeming quality in this game and now it becomes nothing more than another movie-licensed game that I don't care about. At least I can appreciate a pre-release demo so that I didn't have to wait until June to find out this game blows. The Bourne title does suit this game though; I mean, this game was born to suck my sausage!


Battlefield: Bad Company (360) Impressions

*Remember that these impressions are from a beta and in no way reflect the final game, or what it will be like when it's shipped.*

I must say that the Battlefield: Bad Company beta has to be the most issue-packed beta I've ever be a part of, and I've been in quite a few. The game is filled with problems, both cosmetic and gameplay-wise. I recently starting playing some more to see how (and if) the game changed at all. The game has seemed to change in a negative way sadly.

I'll start off with the cosmetic issues I have with the game. The first is something so pathetic, something so obviously wrong that I can't believe it will ever find it's way into the final game. There is no ladder animation at all (think Shadowrun); you basically just fly up the ladder with one leg/arm raised on one side, "Up, up and away!". It may seem like a little grudge, but it is extremely distracting every time you see it happen, are we all superman here? The destruction system is impressive, but if you pay attention you'll notice that every house blows up in the same way. While much of the world is destructable, you'll soon see that most explosions are pretty much the same. The game does look rather nice, but I did experience some screen-tearing at times.

The rest of the problems are mostly tech-based, or just bad design choices. One issue I find ridiculous is the fact that you can't open a door. I know that the game is about destruction and they want to show it off, but honestly why would I blow a hole in a building when I can just as easily open a door. They may think that's cool, but I personally think it's an absolute horrible design choice. The destruction aspects of the game are a bit inconsistent as well. A grenade launcher can blow a huge hole in a wall, but a thrown grenade doesn't do a thing. I did experience one situation where a thrown grenade blew up an entire fence and house which shocked the hell out of me (though this only happened once and never again). I don't find it hard to believe that a grenade being propelled through a nade-laucher would be more powerful than a thrown grenade, but the level of difference seems to be a bit much.

I have to say that when the beta initially went up it ran smooth and I rarely ever experienced lag, but now the beta seems to be full of lag half of the time (especially with a full room). I doubt this will be much of a problem when the game ships because Modern Combat ran really smooth. Speaking of the last game; Bad Company has one of the worst issues from the previous game; no voice chat. I sometimes see a mic pop-up on screen that says someone is talking, but I never hear a thing. I even played with Major Nelson at times and either voice chat doesn't work, or he is one quiet guy. I also found that the hit-detection isn't always perfect, but is in no means horrible (just a little tweaking and it should be good).

For the most part every gripe I have with the game is definitely fixable and I don't think that EA will ship the game with all of these issues. You do have to remember that this is still a Battlefield game. So many game-play issues that plagued previous games still plague Bad Company like spawn camping and the lack of respawn invulnerability. I've always been a fan of the Battlefield series (even the console version), but if the issues aren't fixed then I will have no desire to play the retail version. I'm hopeful that these issues will get fixed, but right now I can't help but be worried.


Iron Man (360) Demo

For those of you who don't know, the Iron Man demo is up on XBL for your playing pleasure (note: sarcasm). I honestly never had high hopes for this game, but from what I've played in the demo... it is one janky mess.

If I had to give a brief description I would say that it plays like a prettier version of Superman Returns while actually controlling worse. The games looks alright, but it wouldn't stand out in a crowd (even a crowd of movie-liscensed games). The real issue with the game is how horrible it controls. I managed just fine due to the fact that your projectiles just automatically hit an enemy if fired in their general direction, but I can't say it's much fun. There's no enjoyment in flying around (absolutely no sense of speed) and it just gets worse on land. I really found no redeeming qualities in the demo, except the fact that it was just a demo and therefore I didn't spend any money on it.

I know a few weeks back there was an article saying that the GTAIV release may hurt ticket sales for the Iron Man movie, but I think this game will have the problem; not because of GTAIV, but because this game sucks hard from what I've played and I doubt it will be getting any better in under a month. So once again we get a crappy movie-licensed game...what a surprise!