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Pixelated Playtime: Three Dead Zed (XBLIG)

Three Dead Zed is a fine looking game, especially for an Xbox LIVE Indie Game. Those are dreadful words, aren't they? "Especially for an Xbox LIVE Indie Game." Any type of stipulation is bad; either something is one thing or the other, and no stipulation should be included or required. But stipulations are seen everywhere, used by many people (including myself more than once), and I don't know why I've decided to go on this tiny rant here of all the potential places, but ce la vie.

Anyway, I should actually take this time to talk about the game, Three Dead Zed, which is a fun little action-platformer where you control a zombie who gains the ability to switch between three different forms—a rather average zombie; a fast, agile zombie; and a large, female, hulkified zombie. They all control differently and come with their own advantages and disadvantages (obviously), which come in handy when trying to solve puzzles. As stated right off the bat, Three Dead Zed is a looker, featuring beautiful visuals, great character design, and fluid animations. I did get annoyed with the controls when trying to jump off ladders, but overall I enjoyed what I played and would recommend giving it a shot if you're looking for a fun little game to pass the time.

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Pixelated Playtime: Alien Siege (XBLIG)

Alien Siege attempts to add depth to classic Missile Command gameplay with upgrades and an additional weapon .  Sadly, a few hiccups prevent me from really enjoying what may be an otherwise fun experience. First and foremost, there is no audio other than the sound coming from weapons; no background music in-game or in the menus, not even ambient noise like wind or anything at all. Others may not find this to be a problem, and one can always add their own music/etc, but I found it extremely distracting. Secondly, there isn't a specific number of missiles per round; instead, missiles fired cost "Power" and, with "Power" upgraded even a tad, I was able to spam missiles without worrying if I'd run out; it's a system that removes challenge once realized and that's a never a good thing.

I did not enjoy Alien Siege, but plenty of people are enjoying it and maybe you will too. The game is 80 MS points and you can try it out right now for free as always, or you could just watch the video below, which features me freaking out over the lack of audio.


Pixelated Playtime: Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

I never played the original Epic Mickey. When it was announced, I was only half excited for it because I'm a huge Warren Spector fan, but I've never been a big fan of Mickey Mouse and, the biggest problem of all, I didn't own a Wii at the time. I do own a Wii now, but, like most Wii owners, I rarely find motivation to play it, so when Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two was announced for all the major consoles, I started getting excited. Well, now having finally played it, I can safely say I'm extremely disappointed with the game and how user-unfriendly it is; I like to consider myself a fairly savvy gamer, but Epic Mickey 2 left me scratching my head more than once, depleting every ounce of excitement I had. If you'd like to see what the beginning of the game looks like, check out the video below and watch as I grow more and more frustrated.


Pixelated Playtime: Rocketgirl (XBLIG)

Rocketgirl may be the absolute craziest XBLIG I've ever played and I've played quite a few, as in, a few hundred. I don't have much to say because this video, this game, is indescribable, and no words can compare to seeing Rocketgirl in action. Check out the video below and enjoy my excessive swearing; however, if you are prone to seizures, you should probably skip this one...I'm being serious. But, if you love taking drugs and watching crazy shit, sit back and enjoy this absolute nonsense. If you only watch one video this week, this is the one to watch.


Pixelated Playtime: Vocabulary Builder (XBLIG)

I do want to point out a few things I missed in this video. As stated, and as I do with most of these videos,  I went into the game, Vocabulary Builder, fresh with absolutely zero knowledge of what it had to offer. I got a bit annoyed by the repeating of words and while I know I was only playing the trial, I still didn't see a good chunk of what was available in the trial version. The full version includes way more words, obviously, but you can also choose what words you include and leave out if you feel so inclined. (that feature may be in the trial too.) I'm still not a huge fan of the game, but there is more to the game than what my video and commentary alludes to.