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XBL Indies: Bored Meeting Review

My mind must currently be in a bad place, I find "Getting pounded" to be quite amusing.

Bored Meeting has a lot in common with ChuChu Rocket!, which happens to be a good thing. The game plays a lot like the classic Dreamcast title and is enjoyable when playing with friends. The problem with Bored Meeting is that it features no true single-player experience; you can only play the multi-player mode by yourself.

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XBL Indies: SpaceAttack Review

This is SpaceAttack...better known as Asteroids.

  • Game: SpaceAttack
  • Developer: Ben3DX
  • Price: 80MS Points ($1.00)
  • Release Date: 2/25/2009

SpaceAttack is Asteroids; it’s that simple. There is no denying that the game is anything other than a straight up Asteroids-clone. The main differences are that SpaceAttack manages to control worse and look worse at the same time. It may only cost a dollar, but I’d recommend dropping the extra money on Asteroids & Deluxe if you’re really looking for an Asteroids-type game. If Asteroids is only worth a dollar to you, you’ll probably be satisfied with SpaceAttack.

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XBL Indies: Advanced Rock Paper Scissors Review

It may be called Advanced Rock Paper Scissors, but there are no rocks, paper, or scissors in sight.

Advanced Rock Paper Scissors takes the familiar formula and removes the rocks, paper, and scissors. The game takes those familiar elements and replaces them with fire, earth, and water. It’s an interesting twist and the game inevitably benefits from this simple change.

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XBL Indies: Johnny's Minefield Review

Stay away from the octagons filled with balls...far, far away!

Johnny’s Minefield is all about memorization. The object of the game is to memorize the location of mines and then find a way to the end without killing yourself. The game never changes the core gameplay, but it delivers and fun and challenging experience.

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XBL Indies: Wacky Water Fun Review

Clowns are just one of the many tools of the devil...

It’s time to smash some clowns in the face with water balloons, at least that’s the object of Wacky Water Fun. The game is basically a non-stop shooting gallery where you attempt to get the highest score possible. It can be fun at first, but it’s ultimately too shallow for extended play.

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