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XBL Indies: The Answer to Life Review

The answer to not contained in this game.

The Answer to Life is an Xbox LIVE Indie Game that surprisingly doesn’t contain the answer to life; it doesn’t even manage to contain a minute of enjoyment. The game consists of three different modes, but none of them are good enough to warrant a purchase.

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XBL Indies: Aquarium HD Review

Don't know why you'd want fish in your TV, but at least these fish won't die as you neglect them...

Aquarium HD is one of the many screensavers available on the Xbox LIVE Indie Game marketplace. It is one of the better screensavers available and it is somewhat interactive, but it’s still just a screensaver.

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XBL Indies: Headshot Review

You better enjoy shooting'll sort of do that a lot in this game. (and I mean A LOT)

Headshot is a simple, and somewhat disturbing, game that obviously consists of shooting people in the head. The game feels like a flash game you’d play at work to pass the time, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game (doesn’t mean it’s good either). I honestly feel slightly dirty when I play this game; I find an odd enjoyment from its simplicity and over-the-top gore.

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XBL Indies: Zombies 2.0 Review

The game is pretty freshly cut sausage; delicious, Italian sausage!

Zombies 2.0 is one of the many Xbox LIVE Indie Games that features zombies, though I’m sure you could have guessed that from the title. The zombie games I’ve reviewed previously have all been good and Zombies 2.0 keeps the string going; it is another good zombie game. I do have a quick question for all XBL Indie developers though: Why do so many of your games feature either zombies or balls?

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XBL Indies: Wizard's Tower Screen Saver Review

Just like my first dog, this game features 3 balls!

Wizard’s Tower Screen Saver is exactly what you’d expect it to be, a screensaver. It’s not particularly engaging or exciting, but it is somewhat interactive and one of those few titles that supports avatars. With that said, it’s still another screensaver that isn’t worth your money.

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