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XBL Indies: Foosball For Two Review

It's no coincidence that two rhymes with poo...

Foosball For Two attempts to take the foosball formula and create a fun Pong-like game. It inevitably fails at this task and I can’t say that I know of a way it could have succeeded. Foosball is a game that just doesn’t translate well into video game form.

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XBL Indies: 360 Mega App Pack HD Review

 That's right! You can turn your X360 into a clock...A CLOCK!!

Everyone wants a happy ending, but can the 360 Mega App Pack HD deliver? The quick answer would be no, but it’s probably best to go into some detail as to why. The Mega App Pack is exactly what you think it is; a bunch of different apps thrown together to form this little indie title.

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XBL Indies: Horse Race Starter Review

Guess start races with horses in this game!

Horse Race Starter (ホースレーススターター) is a Japanese Xbox Live Indie Game, but you don’t need to understand Japanese in order to “play” this game. I put “play” in quotations because you don’t actually play Horse Race Starter; you simply press a button and then watch the race with no control over the outcome.

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XBL Indies: Rabid Gophers Review

If only the gophers were replaced with the Duck Hunt dog...I can dream can't I?

Do you enjoy watching gopher heads explode? If you said yes, then Rabid Gophers is the game for you. Rabid Gophers is a collection of three different mini-games. They are simple and familiar, but the over-the-top, gory violence adds an odd charm that makes the mini-games more enjoyable.

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Muramasa: The Demon Blade Review

The art is beautiful, but don't expect much variety.

Imagine a world in which Disney created hentai porn. Imagine the beautiful hand drawn art of Disney, mixed with writing found in the porn industry. That’s the kind of feeling I get after playing Muramasa: The Demon Blade. The game is gorgeous and I found myself playing it for hours, but the more I played it, the less interested I became in it.

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