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Possible and Probable Cover

Cover of a song to be more specific. I loved Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog when it first came out and I'm the proud owner of both the DVD and CD. While being stuck in Galena, IL during the holidays I began to watch it again(and again). I now feel like doing a cover of "My Freeze Ray" and if that turns out being anything above mediocre; I may go ahead and do another cover. The song is below and if you haven't even seen of this little "film" I demand you go watch it right now!



It's Better to Lose Sleep Than to Lose One's Teeth

I'm sorry, but I just can't help rhyming when an easy rhyme is staring me in the face. I have just recently started watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I have found the show to be quite fantastic. The first episode wasn't that great, but it was enough of an idea to make me give the show another shot. The show is obviously not for the easily offended, but if you've ever listened to our podcast you'll know that I'm more the "offender" than the "offended". You may find the following clips to be utterly stupid, but I enjoy them and that's good enough for me. I love Charlie!

Side Note: Hulu is a fantastic site. -- Clickity-click for video delight.

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The Inaugural Sausage Dump

I have decided to start a weekly little post of dumpage. It will basically just be a post of my thoughts on subjects not related to games. It may have to do with film, music or anything at all, even pancakes! You know what goes well with pancakes?...sausage! That's right folks, sausage goes well with pancakes, not to mention everything else. Back to business as they say somewhere where the business needs to get back to...yea...

You can expect this post every week and it will always be called "The Sausage Dump". Every Sunday I will take a new and tasty dump in your mouths and through your eyes and I can guarantee you will love every second of it!

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