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LTTP: The West Wing - Part 2

Immediate disclaimer: this will contain spoilers; proceed at your own risk.

Last time I wrote about The West Wing I was barely through the second season and loved every second. I just finished season five and feel compelled to write a follow up before finishing the series—which will likely inspire a third write-up. I am still as in love with the show as I was in the beginning and the final two episodes of both season four and five have been brilliant and suspenseful. My only fault is that I somewhat spoiled myself by checking IMDb at some point and inevitably saw each actor's episode count. For example, season five ends with Donna in a life or death situation after a complication from injuries caused by a car bombing, but I already know she's going to survive because she's in almost every episode of the series.

Speaking of Donna, her character, relationship with Josh, and the character of Josh continue to be my favorite part. I am admittedly a sucker for that "will they or won't they" aspect in any series or film and their bit of tension works so well because of their chemistry—which is thanks in large part to the writing and the realistic portrayal by each actor. The dialogue they share is always entertaining and there is even joy to be had when Donna chooses to stop talking to Josh for a brief period of time. If you've already watched the entire series and remember it well, you know that I am dying to continue the story after the way season five ended and I will never stop hoping that "they will" already.

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Expose yourself to Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure is a show I've known about for years, but always looked the other way. I expected a formulaic show about a culture-shocked doctor who slowly falls for the new home he initially hates. Upon viewing—I am currently midway through the third season—Northern Exposure kidnapped my expectations, took them into the woods and promptly fed them dim sum. That last bit of nonsense is filled with references to the show, but to put it in simpler terms, I adore every single second.

Northern Exposure hides an abundance of quirk and cleverness behind its seemingly generic face. In watching the show, I find moments that leave me saying, "Hey! I always thought *insert more current TV show here* did that first, but here it is in Northern Exposure." At times, the characters will talk to the audience, or an entire episode will take place in a dream. There lies a wonderful world full of rich characters of countless differing and conflicting personalities. It isn't often I find a show where I enjoy every single character, even those who may only appear sporadically.

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LTTP: The West Wing

Is The West Wing a new or currently airing show? No, but that doesn't really matter when it comes to television anymore—everyone watches their shows on Hulu, Netflix, or waits for the seasons to hit DVD/Blu-ray nowadays. To the point, The West Wing was/is a fantastic show about politics, but not really, that people uninterested in politics—me, myself, and I—can enjoy.

I never elected to watch—yeah, I just said that—The West Wing when it initially aired because I was relatively young and had no interest in watching a politically-themed show. I still have no interest in politics, but I am older and said to myself, "if Aaron Sorkin can make Facebook interesting, then I bet he can make anything interesting." I can safely say that all my expectations were blown away, though I would assume explosions capable of blowing someone away would not be safe, not safe at all.

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Review: Being Human (TV) - Something to Watch Over Me

Another Monday passed, and another episode of Being Human has been consumed. This is the first episode since the two-part introduction and thankfully, the show is managing to keep me invested like it's Apple stock. For the most part, the show has continued in the direction of prior episodes; however, this week's episode, "Something to Watch Over Me," had some extra light and humorous moments.

These occasional changes in mood are actually a welcome addition. As much as I enjoy the serious take on the subject matter, I also don't want to watch a group of monsters mope around as if their local theater sold out of every ticket for the newest Twilight movie. Watching a character experience a moment of joy is a great way to break up the majority of despair.

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Review: Being Human (TV) - There Goes the Neighborhood

Being Human is a brand "new" series for the [still] horribly named Syfy Network. I use the quotes because this Being Human is actually based on a BBC show of the same name/premise. In case you lived/are living under a rock, you probably know that many American shows -- Being Human is actually filmed Canada, so North American is more accurate is this case -- are based off British shows, i.e. The OfficeAll in the Family, and Three's Company too (I couldn't help it). I want to make sure that you understand I am not saying these remakes don't divulge from the original source material or that they aren't good, I just find it important to mention.

With all that nonsense about Britain out of the way, let me just say that I have never seen the original series. Some people may believe one needs to see the original before being able to judge the remake, but I find that virgin eyes are an important perspective; why should every reviewer be familiar with the original when so many viewers are not? If you can give me a legitimately understandable reason, I would love to hear it, though technically I'd be reading it.

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