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Kotaku = Staff's Personal Blog?

Before my sausage got banned I still wasn't a fan of Kotaku. One of these reasons was brought up in Brukaoru's comment of my previous Kotaku post. The staff seem to feel the need to post their e-mails on the site. I don't care about what they are talking about behind closed doors, especially when it has nothing to do with games. I decided to find some of these posts and link them here.

Check out the great gaming news that is, "Kotaku E-Mails"!

And you can click right HERE for a link to pretty much all of these e-mail posts.



Kotaku Bans The Sausage!

I post a comment on the horrible site that is Kotaku and within a few minutes I get banned. I was simply critiquing the post, though I may not have sugarcoated my words to their soft ears.

"Why should I trust the opinion of someone who can't write?"

I am "sorry" that I didn't post a nice comment stating, "Did you know that in this sentence, of this paragraph, you made these errors ________ ". I have no reason to be nice and sweet to the staff of Kotaku, not to mention that the article was written by their senior editor.

Another part of my whole problem with Kotaku is that while I get banned for something that small; people get away with a lot worse. An example would be that someone posted a link to a video depicting animal cruelty. I don't believe that relates to video games, as well as it being completely disgusting and unnecessary. That person was not banned and that comment was not removed. I would love to understand the logic behind Kotaku and the kind of community it's supposed to be. It would seem that the basic idea of Kotaku is, "LOVE IT!!! or leave it", and that just doesn't work for me.

*I did send an e-mail to the staff of Kotaku asking why I was banned. I have yet to receive a reply, but as soon as I hear from them I will update this post.*



UPDATE: Mega Man 9 Not Coming to XBLA/PSN

It would seem that Mega Man 9 is only coming out for WiiWare once again. All that excitement lasted a good, solid day. Hooray! Capcom has stated that the E3 listings were just an error and that Mega Man 9 will only be releasing for WiiWare. So as of right now the XBLA/PSN versions are just a mistake; sort of like teen pregnancy.



PS2 Games on PSN...To Be or Not To Be *Updated*

Just a rumor as of right now, but it wouldn't surprise me at all. There was a reason that Sony took backwards-compatibility out of the PS3 and it wasn't because it was too expensive. The real reason, whether you believe me or not, is so that they could start releasing PS2/PS1 games through PSN. This obviously hasn't happened yet, but I have no doubt it will happen soon.

A pic of supposed PS2 games for sale on PSN has surfaced and though I do believe Sony will start selling PS2 games through PSN; I do not believe this image to be true for a few reasons. The first is the fact that it's showing MGS2: Sons of Liberty for sale, not Substance. I can understand that a lot of the bonus features included in Substance may not translate well for digital download, but if you have to pay £12.99(close to $26USD) I would expect a little more for my money. Another reason I find this hard to believe is because of the titles that are supposedly going to be available. Fantavision? Really, a launch title about fireworks that no one remembers and even fewer care about, though I actually sort of liked it(shoot me).

I really have a hard time believing the image to be true. If Sony was going to start a PS2 to PSN network then I would expect a better launch line-up. Why not throw the original Jak and Daxter on there, some Ratchet and Clank, God of War? The PS2 had one of the greatest software line-ups ever during its history. So why would Sony start a service off with such mediocre games?


As expected, Sony has denied having any plans to release PS2 games on the PS3. They may not have everything ready yet, but I still believe that we will get confirmation sometime in the near future. Maybe not as soon as E3, but sometime this year.

PS2 on PSN Source



20GB Xbox 360 Possibly Getting a 60GB HD

So along with the rumored price drop, which isn't much of a rumor anymore, there also seems to be a HD upgrade in store for the Premium pack. The rumored model upgrade is said to be announced during E3. I would not be surprised at all if this was true. In fact, after hearing the rumor, I would be surprised if this didn't come true.

So basically if anyone has been waiting to get a 360, or become a part of next-gen(now current-gen), then this would seem to be the opportune time to buy.