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Episode 12: Up the Mountain

Well Episode 12 of Distributed Failure is now up and it was quite the interesting show. We talk about a few things Kojima, The GTAIV train, Dennis Dyack and a possible slimmer X360 in 2009 among other topics. The show really trainwrecks when we go into a big "Mountain Climbing" discussion with Elton...ahem, I mean Rob. So sit back, enjoy it and tell your friends about the failure and about my sausage! :)

Episode 12


Episode 11: Everyone's on Drugs

Well Episode 11 of Distributed Failure in now up!!! We talk about the Bourne Conspiracy demo, game delays up the ying yang, the 360 hard-drive, why Valve hates Sony and much, much more! I'll just say that if we recorded this show in person I would have likely killed someone, but you should just listen and see for yourself...and stay tuned after the show for "Ikari Warriors" by the minibosses.

Episode 11: Everyone's on Drugs


Prototype Will Wait Until 2009

I mentioned my disappointment with the recent gameplay video for Prototype on the last Episode of Distributed Failure. I also mentioned the fact that after seeing the video that it would be wise for the developers to just push the release date into 2009. Guess what, that is exactly what happened yesterday.

"we need more time to deliver the game the team initially set out to create."
- Sierra reps.

I know that one of the things that was supposed to be a big aspect of the game originally was co-op; but they ended up scrapping the co-op because of time constraints. Now that the game has been officially delayed I hope that co-op in Prototype might resurface. The chance that it might actually return is very low, but I know that people love co-op and if Prototype let's me play with friends... I'll have a much greater desire to give this game a chance.

"Prototype Gives Up On 2008 Release"


LBP = Low Blow Pop = Delay

The saddest delay for me is the delay of LittleBigPlanet. I have been open about my love for LBP and it is actually my most wanted PS3 game (more than MGS4). It didn't get pushed back that far (just a month), but imagine if GTAIV was pushed back a month. It may only be a month, but it is still a significant amount of extra time I'll have to wait until I get to play the game.

Why does Sony hate me so much right now?...and yes they hate you too :)

"SCEE: LBP Delayed, Not Coming Until October"


We = Homeless Until End of Year

Home was recently delayed from Summer to Fall of 2008, but now the wait will be a little bit longer. Now we can expect to see ourselves in Home by the end of the year and from what I've read it seems that Home will always be in beta...much like Gmail (Hey, I like Gmail). All I really have to say is that I want to try Home out. If this public beta is supposed to be a beta; then why do they keep delaying it? They should release it asap so that they can really test it out and knock out the kinks. I thought that was the point of a beta.

I guess we can all just go into Second Life and mingle in there. A little chit, a little chat, and a few hundred rubber dildos (what?)...I can throw all the dildos I want at people's faces in Second Life right now, but I will never be able to do that in Home. So what the hell is up with all these delays?

"Home to Debut at the End of the Year"