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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3) First Impressions

I know I'm pretty late to the party on this one, but you's only on the PS3. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, but back to business. I was really looking forward to this game; it was actually one of my most wanted games of 2007. From what I've played I have to say that the game is a mixed bag. The visuals are obviously gorgeous, but the perfect puff of smoke that follows every explosion gets a bit distracting for me. Nathan is an interesting (and human) character and his story is what keeps me coming back for more because the combat sure isn't doing it for me.

For a game that is about treasure hunting and exploration; there sure is a lot of shooting. Every time I find myself immersed in the story (or platforming), I suddenly find myself in a shootout that would feel at home in a game like Gears of War, but not in this game. I enter an area and a shootout begins; I kill a few enemies and then more magically arrive to keep the fire fight going. These scenarios don't belong in this game. I wouldn't have a problem if these fights were with a small group of men and were more tactical in nature. Instead you just find yourself shooting up countless generic enemies who are capable of taking way too much damage, not to mention that the hit detection is a bit off. If the story wasn't interesting to me I wouldn't see a reason to keep coming back because the shooting isn't doing anything for me (besides pissing me off).

It's way too early for me to truly judge this game, but from what I've heard the shooting only gets worse. As long as the story keeps me involved I will still really enjoy the game, but I can't help thinking about how amazing this game could be with a little less shooting and a little more exploration.


Sonic...Going back to it's roots!?

So apparently some screen shots of a new Sonic game have shown up on the internet. If the pictures are true then the game will actually be taking place mostly on a 2D plane; I will be extremely excited about a Sonic game for the first time in years. Sonic works in 2D and I don’t know why everyone feels the need to put every single game in a 3D world. Would Contra be the same if it wasn’t a side-scroller? I don’t think so. Shattered Soldier was an amazing game for the PS2 and I hope that this new Sonic game (possibly called Sonic Unleashed) goes back to it’s 2D roots because if that happens we may actually find ourselves with an actual good new game featuring our favorite blue hedgehog. Just remember that as of right now nothing is official and nothing had been announced; this is all pure speculation at the moment, but it's looking good.

…and Sega…Where is my next-gen Earthworm Jim!? Come on, you know we want it and it could be awesome. I know there’s still good somewhere inside of Sega so just let it out. Don’t make me have to play my Genesis and Dreamcast for Sega sweetness; remind people of how good Sega once was...for me. :)

Here is actual game-play footage as well...Enjoy!


2008: Let's play in the sand

2008 is being called by most “The Year of the Playstation 3”, but I believe this to be the year of the open-world game. Besides the possible biggest game of the year, GTAIV; 2008 has over 10 open-world game scheduled for release. Is this a good thing? I don’t really know, but it would seem that “playing in the sandbox” is becoming the new WWII shooter. As much as I love this genre; an overpopulation of open-world games isn’t really a good thing. This is more obvious when you see that some of these games aren’t really that different from each other.

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Distributed Failure: SausageCast #4

Episode 4 of Podcast that distributes failure evenly on all fronts has been posted! This week's episode features more sausage then ever before!!!

We have a +6 Sausage Multiplier!

I want to apologize right now for my lack of contribution this episode; I was quite quiet :P That sounds funny. I hope you all enjoy the sausagefest and tune in next week for more failure on Distributed Failure! The podcast that hates itself so you don't have to!!! Just kidding, we know you guys love us...admit it, don't be shy. We hand out high fives while drinking honey from a bee hive! We don't smoke the reefer, but I guarantee the show is still a keeper.

Alright everyone, enjoy the show :)
DF: Episode 4


Rocketmen: Axis of Evil (360) Review

It may be called Rocketmen, but sadly Elton John is not featured in this game.

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil is basically Smash TV with an attempt to add a story and RPG elements. What Puzzle Quest does for Bejewelled, Rocketmen does for Smash TV. I have to say that every time I play this game I can’t help but think of my friend Rob (aka Elton John), he is quite the rocketman! “I'm not the man they think I am at home; Oh no, no, no I'm a rocket man”, sorry I couldn’t help myself.

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