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Free Meat Friday - $10 PlayStation Network Card

The "free meat" prize today is a code for a $10 PlayStation Network Card, which you can use to pick up a game or two during the "Holiday Essentials" sale. I gave away 800 MS points last week, so I thought it would be fitting to end the year with the equivalent for PlayStation Network. You can use the code to pick up one of the many games on sale this week (or those unknown games going on sale next week), or you can just pick up that game you've been meaning to grab for a while. Whatever your choice, the choice is yours if you just so happen to win.

All you have to do to enter is click THIS and then click "Retweet." -- Make sure you follow me, @Kush3, so I can DM you with details if a winner is you. Otherwise, a winner is who? Seriously though, a failure to follow simple instructions can turn a potential winner into one of many "losers." And if you'd like two extra/alternate entrees, increasing your chances of winning, subscribe to the site's YouTube page for a second entree; then, comment on any video, including the hashtag #FMF122812, but not only the hashtag, for a third entree. You-all have until Sunday (12/30/12) at 12PM CST to enter and the winner will be contacted soon after.


The ways to enter:

Winner: @vetrah

P.S. We would love you long time if you checked out our delicious podcast—Pixelated Radio—and download/subscribe/positively rate it on iTunes (also on Zune). It's a good time.

*P.P.S. If you feel the need to enter with multiple accounts and I find out...well, you won't win and will never be eligible in any future giveaway. And if I pick you as a winner and find out before I send the game...well, you'll end up waiting to receive your winnings forever. Best advice: don't be an asshole.

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