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'I Miss My Girlfriend' Video Preview

This is just a joke of a video (and hopefully a joke of a game). I Miss My Girlfriend is pathetic attempt to raise money for a guy who misses his girlfriend—if the story is true—and it’s sad to see a “game designer” so blatantly ask for money to see his girlfriend when he could raise such money by making, I don’t know, an actual good game. I imagine some are thinking, “Well, why are you making a video about this if it’s so bad?” My answer is this: I was bored; I wanted to see what the “game” was really all about; and, I just didn’t see how I could not post it after “playing” it. But really, why not just make a good game people want to buy in order to raise money instead of just making shit and crying for it? (The guy literally cries in-game when sad faces "break" his heart...)

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