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If you want me to cover your game and/or etcetera

Don't say something like this:

(from an email received)

"If you do not get a review build and then write more than a thousand words about our game in a single post which receives more than ten comments, regardless of the review score or your opinion of the game, we will Paypal you a dollar -- guaranteed. (Please email *Email Removed* a link to your review to redeem your dollar.)"

This is not a big site by any means. It is a site of one—Rob is a podcasting hero, but he doesn't write for the site or any of that jazz—and I pay for everything myself. I will never accept money from a developer/creator. Ever. And I will never cover what you make if you make such an offer. In the long run my lack of coverage will likely mean nothing as I am a small force in the world of pseudo press, but I would rather have my integrity than your dollar or attention. It's worth so much more. (And no, I will not mention the game/developer by name for obvious reasons.)

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