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LTTP: Lost Odyssey - Part 3

I have now put almost forty hours into Lost Odyssey and I can’t wait to finally finish this game. The enjoyment I found early in the game has significantly decreased thanks to some tedious dungeons, boring “grinding runs”, and a story that has become more and more uninteresting the deeper I go. That being said, Lost Odyssey is still a solid jRPG and I would recommend the game for (sorry, but I can’t help but use this cliché right now) fans of the genre, but I can’t see the game keeping many gamer’s interest after finishing disc 2.

I really loved Lost Odyssey in the beginning, but the game took a bit of a tumble once I inserted disc 3. The story has become rather dull and I can’t even be bothered to read the dream sequences anymore, though their degree of frequency has declined, which is a positive in my eyes. I can’t quite put my finger on the reason why I’ve lost interest, but I really have no desire to see how this story concludes, though I am still determined to finish the game.

The fundamentals of the gameplay haven’t changed, but the game tries to mix things up with puzzle-like dungeons, as well as splitting up the group in a way to give a more detailed back-story for each character. A few new characters have been added to the group, but these characters feel rather useless and can be a tad annoying at time. If there’s one thing that hasn’t nosedived in Lost Odyssey, it would have to be the music. I am still enjoying the soundtrack and may actually consider picking it up sometime in the future.

This concludes the LTTP feature for Lost Odyssey and I hope you enjoying reading it as much as I’ve enjoying writing it. I’ll be following this up with a full review for the game and will be using my lovely sausage system! I think my opinion of the game should be rather clear right now, but things could change after I finish the end-game. Look forward to more LTTP features in the future. Sausage out.

Reader Comments (1)

Yea, you talking about all the reading you have to do is a huge turn off. I doubt I'll pick this one up but it's great you enjoyed for some of the game. I'm also looking forward to some more LTTP games! You should go play some Motorstorm. :P

May 3, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJay

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