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Magicians & Looters first impression: there is a talking cat...need I say more?

If you're looking for a meaty, quality indie experience on Xbox 360 for basically no money, Magicians & Looters will fill all those requirements. In the simplest of terms, Magicians & Looters is a metroidvania game; in other words, it is a side-scrolling action-adventure game with a heavy focus on exploration and backtracking. So far, there is a lot to explore and a lot to see in a surprisingly varied world that is looking to be much bigger than I initially expected; I figured, this game is only a dollar, so it must be really tiny, right? It appears I am wrong.

While there is a lot to explore, the enemies that inhabit the world of Magicians & Looters, so far, are pretty stupid; once an enemy begins their attack animation, they are stuck in it until they finish and it is very easy to walk behind them while this is happening, attacking them freely without any consequence or worry for one's own health. Speaking of the enemies, so far there hasn't been a lot of variety, but I do like their design and the animation for all characters is pretty smooth; however, the world itself is rather bland and leaves a lot to be desired.

I am still really early on in Magicians & Looters, but, at only a dollar, I already feel like I've received my money's worth and I highly recommend checking it out if you're looking for something new to play. I mean, the game has a talking cat...A TALKING CAT! What else needs to be said?

*Magicians & Looters is available now on XBL for $1.00.

Magicians & Looters (XBLIG)

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