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Pixelated Playtime: Alien Siege (XBLIG)

Alien Siege attempts to add depth to classic Missile Command gameplay with upgrades and an additional weapon .  Sadly, a few hiccups prevent me from really enjoying what may be an otherwise fun experience. First and foremost, there is no audio other than the sound coming from weapons; no background music in-game or in the menus, not even ambient noise like wind or anything at all. Others may not find this to be a problem, and one can always add their own music/etc, but I found it extremely distracting. Secondly, there isn't a specific number of missiles per round; instead, missiles fired cost "Power" and, with "Power" upgraded even a tad, I was able to spam missiles without worrying if I'd run out; it's a system that removes challenge once realized and that's a never a good thing.

I did not enjoy Alien Siege, but plenty of people are enjoying it and maybe you will too. The game is 80 MS points and you can try it out right now for free as always, or you could just watch the video below, which features me freaking out over the lack of audio.

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