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Pixelated Playtime: Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

I never played the original Epic Mickey. When it was announced, I was only half excited for it because I'm a huge Warren Spector fan, but I've never been a big fan of Mickey Mouse and, the biggest problem of all, I didn't own a Wii at the time. I do own a Wii now, but, like most Wii owners, I rarely find motivation to play it, so when Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two was announced for all the major consoles, I started getting excited. Well, now having finally played it, I can safely say I'm extremely disappointed with the game and how user-unfriendly it is; I like to consider myself a fairly savvy gamer, but Epic Mickey 2 left me scratching my head more than once, depleting every ounce of excitement I had. If you'd like to see what the beginning of the game looks like, check out the video below and watch as I grow more and more frustrated.

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