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Pixelated Playtime: Human Subject (XBLIG)

If you enjoy platforming and robotic female voices, you may get a quick kick out of Human Subject, an XBLIG where you play as a man abducted by aliens who is forced to complete various tests involving running and jumping. If you do well enough, you’ll scare the aliens back to their (likely) shitty planet because they never thought anyone could run and jump so stylishly. The story is throwaway and the robotic voice is nothing you couldn’t mimic yourself, but the gameplay is relatively solid and while the visuals are bland overall, the character you control is actually quite nice to look at and features some nice animations. Check out the video below and see if Human Subject has what it takes to abduct your measly buck—which is nowhere near enough to buy a duck, unless you’re overflowing with ridiculous luck. I enjoy the occasional rhyme sometimes.

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