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Pixelated Radio 15: Deu Sex Live on Game's Stop

Another week multiplied by two and another episode of Pixelated Radio. That's right folks, we are once again on time talking about OnLive in episode one-five. Did I need to do so much rhyming? Probably not, but if nothing else, I now have your attention. This week is all about diabetes but not really; however, we do talk about diabetes, the newest game Rob pre-ordered and we all hope it gets cancelled before release. In other news, we talk about the GameStop/OnLive fiasco at a point in time where no one cares anymore and we also mention the joys of dating a female tech blogger.

In this episode, we, uh, talk about, um, video games and some really crappy films. -- Topics of discussion: Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Rock of Ages, The Gunstringer, Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, Crimson Alliance, Crazy Machines Elements, Mother 3, 3DS Ambassador NES games, Red State, The Last Airbender, GameStop vs. OnLive, a bitch, Netflix, and plenty more . We hope you enjoy your time and hope you stick around for more from Pixelated Radio.

End music: "K Theory" from Hard Lines - The Album

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Download the show below.

Pixelated Radio 15: Deu Sex Live on Game's Stop

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