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Recommend Xbox LIVE 'Games with Gold' free game for 05/01 - 05/15/14: Dust: An Elysian Tail (Email)

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The newest free game as part of Xbox LIVE's 'Games with Gold' promotion, Dust: An Elysian Tail, is one of the best freebies to date and one of the best XBLA games of all time. If you don't remember Dust: AET, well, it's a game mostly crafted by one person, Dean Dodrill, and originally an Xbox LIVE Indie Game, created with the now-dead XNA Game Studio; however, after winning Dream.Build.Play 2009, the game received a contract that would get it published on Xbox LIVE Arcade and the rest is history. (When looking at the XBLIG marketplace, especially now, it's hard to imagine Dust: AET was, at one point, just another XBLIG.)

As far as the game goes, Dust: AET is an absolutely gorgeous metroidvania-esque game with fantastic gameplay and a surprisingly great story that is rather adult and filled with great voice acting throughout. I remember, when the game first came out, a lot of people were giving it the cold shoulder because it's a "furry" game; if you don't play Dust: AET because it's populated by furries and not humans, well, I just feel sorry for you; actually, I feel nothing for you because only you are preventing yourself from enjoying one of the best games of the last few years for an incredibly stupid reason. Quick question: do you like Disney's Robin Hood? (Of course you do!) Well, um, that's a furry movie (as are many Disney movies if you think about it)!

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