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What is this post all about? Well, it should pretty straightforward, but, if there's any confusion, this is where I'll be talking about a handful of Kickstarter projects each week, focusing on a few projects that recently launched and a few projects that are about to end. Will I be focusing only on projects in need of funding? No. I will simply be focusing on projects that interest me, regardless of whether they've only raised $5 or raised ten times that of their original goal. Anyway, I think it's about time I got to the actual projects, eh.

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Island Dice - Survive the Players, the Island, and the Dice.

  • Ends Mon, Jul 21 2014 10:59 PM CDT.

Island Dice looks like it takes a lot of what people love about King of Tokyo and adds quite a bit of depth and options, meaning there's room for more strategy and more thought; though, all these additions also mean the game looks to be more complicated and not for casual players; funny, since the game comes from a company called, Casual Dragon Games. My one concern--though I don't know for sure having never played the game--is that Island Dice may be a tad overly complicated, but, until I play it, I can only speculate.

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