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Recommend Review: Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia | An enjoyable, original, and, well, euphoric worker placement game (Email)

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Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia, a game that asks players to build a better dystopia, offers an uncommon thematic experience. As a mid-level boss in a dystopian society, you must try to keep your workers dumb and happy, while also embedding your authority around the city; this is a task to which there is no small measure of luck involved. The goal is to be the first player to successfully place all ten of your authority tokens on the board.

You’ll achieve said goal by building markets, gathering commodities, infiltrating rival territories, collecting artifacts, and completing secret agendas, all with the use of dice that represent your workers. To accomplish these tasks, each turn, you’ll either place a worker (multiple workers if the die values are the same), retrieve any/all workers and immediately re-roll them, or, if you want, you can reveal your ethical dilemma card, which given out at the beginning of the game. In contrast to most worker placement games where you place workers to block others from taking actions and gaining perks, in Euphoria, anyone can gain the full benefits afforded to certain locations on the board by bumping the current player’s worker back to their owner; most locations allow for any number of workers, while only a few locations follow the traditional rule of one worker per spot.

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