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When you first look at Francis Drake fully set up, the massive amount of beautiful components may make the game seem overwhelming. Don't be fooled; while there is a lot of deep strategy and interesting choices to be made, the gameplay is very straightforward.

In Francis Drake, players take turns advancing down the street of Plymouth, collecting various resources--like crew members, guns, trade goods, etc--you'll need in order to go on your voyage; however, once a player advances down the road, they cannot backtrack to a location they skipped--I really enjoy this aspect of the game. For example, if I desperately need to upgrade my ship from a frigate to a galleon and the Queen space is the only spot left to do so, I'll have a tough choice to make if she's a few locations down; do I skip over acquiring other resources I might need, or wait and hope the other players don't take the Queen before it gets back to my turn?

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